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Grand Theft Auto V Surpasses 110 Million Copies Sold Worldwide

The game that just keeps on selling.

by Dean James


As hard as it may be to believe at this point, Grand Theft Auto V released nearly six years ago for last generation consoles before releasing later on current generation consoles. Since the initial release, the game has sold a ton of copies and now we know a major milestone that Rockstar Games has reached with Grand Theft Auto V.

Take-Two held their Q4 2019 quarterly earnings call today and within that report came some very interesting information about Rockstar Games’ two major titles out right now with both Grand Theft Auto V and Red Dead Redemption 2.

According to the earning call, Grand Theft Auto V has officially sold more than 110 million copies as of the end of Q4 2019. This is an incredible amount of copies sold for the game to date, with it continually still showing up in the top 10 monthly NPDs as well. If this game does ever end up making it to Nintendo Switch even, just imagine how much higher those numbers could go as well.

Take-Two also revealed that Red Dead Redemption 2 is now at 24 million copies sold, which is only one million more for the last quarter. This is still a really good statistic though, especially with people still waiting on it coming to PC eventually as well.

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