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Greninja Amiibo Is Exclusive To Toys R Us, Pre-Orders Begin Friday (Update)

| April 2, 2015

Greninja Amiibo Is Exclusive To Toys R Us, Pre-Orders Begin Friday (Update) News Nintendo  Amiibo

The Nintendo Direct that was held yesterday revealed so much information about amiibo, including the reveal of Splatoon amiibo, Yarn Yoshi amiibo, and most importantly the next waves of Super Smash Bros. amiibo. Surprisingly, it was revealed that a Greninja amiibo and Jigglypuff amiibo would also be joining in on Wave 4, though both would be exclusive to retailers. After seeing the exclusive Ness and Jigglypuff go up today already, it has now been revealed when Greninja will be up.

According to Amiibo News, they have received an official statement from Toys R Us, which revealed not only that the Greninja amiibo was in fact exclusive to their store, but that pre-orders would start Friday morning. Specifically, a Toys R Us rep told Polygon that pre-orders for Greninja would be going up between 7-9 am ET tomorrow morning, April 3. That began to have people wondering if in-store would be taking pre-orders as well through their usual $1 pre-order cards.

That answer seems to be more clear now according to my own experience. My local Toys R Us says that they will be getting the pre-order cards for Greninja and Wave 4 overnight and will have them at some point tomorrow. This is going to vary greatly at your stores though, as many may not get the cards until tomorrow afternoon or after.

As a result, it would be in your best interest to contact your local Toys R Us tonight if you happen to outside of the Eastern timezone where the stores have already closed. Otherwise, either call in the morning or stop by at opening. With no definite information, it is hard to recommend camping out for a long time, but it might not hurt to get there a little before opening to find out. I will be going to Toys R Us in the morning when they open and will relay any new information I discover on the pre-order front there.

Update: Due to the online selling out, in-store will be taking no pre-orders.

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  • kingnewcomer

    7 to 9 in the morning? I’ll still be asleep by the time pre-orders for Greninja are available! No fair! :'(

  • Soresa

    I’ve been up all night refreshing my page and they all suddenly popped up at 5:30 a.m. ET with them all saying “Preorder sold out” except for Pac Man.

  • David Ayala

    Thanks for interviewing minimum wage workers

    • Sheri Hamer

      My TRU worker that worked in the gaming area had no clue any new ones were coming and the Nintendo rep had just left. Stupid!!

      • Dynamo10

        I’ve found this to be common at my local TRU. There is only one employee there that ever seems to have any knowledge about what’s going on with the Amiibos, and even that is limited sometimes since some of these things are guessing games. But at least she has a basic idea most of the time. All other employees are like deer in headlights whenever asking questions about them. It’s not entirely their fault since TRU clearly isn’t doing enough (if anything) to keep their employees informed of these things.

  • Buggsey007

    So lets start with how this company is a joke. This company overcharges on every item they have from candy, toys, and electronics. They are constantly having sales or deals because they know they can’t sell anything and these audacious prices. They try to confuse or trick the consumer that it is a “good deal” when other retailers already selling the items at a lower price like walmart or gamestop. Absolutely no customer service, can’t tell what is worse them or walmart. Their pre-order system practically doesn’t exist. Toys R Us exclusive pre-orders are all online and don’t care to announce or notify customers on any forums, blogs, threads, tweets, or official forums. They prioritize the online sales over customers that stand outside in line in the hot or cold trying to get in on these exclusives that is probably the only thing keeping them afloat, that and when everyone else is sold out of an item we are looking for we go here on a whim maybe finding what we are looking for. Toys R Us should prioritize customers that actually come into their store and are looking for something like Gamestop and even Target on occasion. I’m sure they don’t even put a limit on their exclusives either then the scalpers can try to screw us even more. Save you time, money, and gas and don’t bother with this company.