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GTA V 2012 release date rumors shot down again

by William Schwartz


As anticipation for Rockstar Games’ GTA V builds, new rumors have surfaced that pointed to a 2012 release date for the open-world title.  The latest rumors came in the form of a doctored image which listed a Holiday 2012 release date for the next Grand Theft Auto title.

A source close to CVG reports that the image was not official from Rockstar Games, and that it was indeed a “hoax” made only to mislead consumers.  There have been a myriad of speculatory and completely false statements surrounding the as-of-yet unannoucned release date for GTA V.  Everyone ranging from analysts to retailers have thrown their hat into the ring to guess on the release timing from Rockstar, but the developer has yet to confirm or deny any of them.

This goes along with a statement that Rockstar made earlier this year about GTA V, when they told their fans the following:

“There is going to be no shortage of non-stop hoaxes, faked footage and screens, rampant rumours and speculation,” the company said at the time. “As a rule, we are not going to get into the game of confirming or denying each of these as they happen as there is simply too much of it. Half of them we don’t even understand.”

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