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GTA V Achievements contain possible spoilers

by William Schwartz

[tps_title]GTA V Achievement List[/tps_title]


With GTA V just a month away from release, it’s only natural that details begin to come fast and heavy for Rockstar’s open-world game.  The achievement list for Grand Theft Auto 5 has been discovered, and it contains quite a few spoilers for those looking to uncover all of the secrets of Los Santos on their own.

The GTA V achievements list contains mentions of Nuclear Waste, Spaceship parts, and stock trading.  Just looking at those three things, there’s obviously going to be some variety going on in GTA V.  You can discover more about the activities in GTA V through the achievement list below, but it looks like Rockstar was smart to keep the achievements pretty vague.

The achievement list also features Grand Theft Auto Online goals to hit, so you’ll be able to focus on racking up those single player points for a couple of weeks ahead of the release of the online component.  Rockstar announced earlier this week that Grand Theft Auto Online would be arriving after the initial release of the game, and is said to be coming at the beginning of October.

You can find the full list of GTA V Achievements on the next page. There are 49 achievements in Grand Theft Auto V, for a total score of 1000 points. The GTA V achievement list does feature a number of secret achievements that must be discovered by playing the game.

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