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GTA V delay may be causing problems for Take Two

by William Schwartz


GTA V is a mystery right now because of limited information coming out of Rockstar on the development of the game. Take Two, who publishes Rockstar titles, has recently addressed their financial struggles during an Annual Meeting of Stockholders.

Their reasons behind the losses? Take Two attributes numerous delays and “additional development time” as major factors of their money losing quarters. Strauss Zelnick, the CEO of Take Two addressed shareholders, but didn’t point the blame at any one franchise in Take Two’s lineup.

There are plenty of culprits to look at, but none of them have as big of an impact to the bottom line than does GTA V. However, the company has seen other delays in popular franchises like Bioshock: Infinite and the XCOM shooter that went back to the drawing board sometime back.

If there was any hope that GTA V would release in 2012, you can pretty much close the book on that possibility, considering Take Two’s silence about the game during the meeting. There is one further event in 2012 that could hold information about GTA V outside of gaming conventions. On November 8th, Take Two Interactive will release its most recent earnings. As shareholders start looking for a catalyst to drive the shares higher, you can bet if there is any news about GTA V, Zellnick will spill it then.

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