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Halo 5’s Biggest Update Ever Adds Custom Game Browser and More

by Kyle Hanson


343 Industries has done an amazing job of putting out big, feature-rich updates for Halo 5: Guardians. The game, which launched to a good reception from fans and critics, has added tons of new mechanics and features in the last year, including Forge on PC. Now, the biggest Halo 5 update ever is coming, and it adds something that players have been asking for since Halo first jumped online: a custom game browser.

The official patch notes have yet to be released, but NeoGaf has a breakdown of everything that has been confirmed, and what is still a rumor. Top of the confirmed list is a new server browser, allowing players to search for, and play custom games against others online. This is a huge departure for the Halo series, which has always relied on very refined matchmaking to setup games against random players. To play a custom game, players needed to manually get together with friends, and there was no way for other to join randomly.

Players on both Xbox One and PC will be able to use this feature, finding random custom games and joining them at will. Cross-play is still like in question though, with the likelihood being pretty small. Still, as players have been begging for a custom game browser for years, any implementation will be appreciated. This should also expand the reach of the many custom game modes that players have enjoyed, such as how Zombies became popular on Halo 2 and 3.

Here’s the rest of the confirmed list for the upcoming Halo 5 update: “Big fixes and optimization for PC version. Observer Mode. Arena/Warzone announcer voice packs. “Biggest” Forge update ever (sanghelios map included). Extensive aiming improvements (its been reported there is now no input lag). General UI improvements. Halo: Reach Grenade Launcher. New GameType. Even more new skins and armor.”

We’re still waiting on the official word from 343 Industries on all of this though, so stay tuned.

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