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Halo Reach Map Pack Leaks

by William Schwartz


Halo Destiny, recent got there hands on what appears to be the next Halo Reach Map Pack.  The first and only information we’ve heard about the new pack which is named “Defiant” is coming from the site who claims there will be three new maps to sink your teeth into in the near future.  The three maps: Condemned, Unearthed, and training preserve were rumored by the Halo Reach centric site and images were taken from the pack.

It is also rumored that Microsoft requested that the imagery be taken down from the site, at which Halo Destiny complied.  Microsoft couldn’t scrub out it’s existence completely though.  There remains a flickr account with screenshots from the map pack that is still alive and kicking.  The image below is from one of the maps, which features a covenant ship “glassing” Reach.

Source: Halo Destiny

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