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Harmonix Returns to its Roots in First Amplitude Reboot Trailer

by Kyle Hanson

Harmonix became a household name with their plastic peripheral driven music games, but they actually began long before that with two PS2 exclusive music titles, Frequency and Amplitude. The latter is getting a reboot of sorts thanks to Kickstarter, and today we get to check out the first trailer for the new game. Simply titled Amplitude, the game will be coming later this year to PS3 and PS4. It will feature similar gameplay to the PS2 classic, with a few tweaks here and there to make it work better for modern gamers.

Amplitude plays a bit differently than either Rock Band or Guitar Hero. Instead of players taking on a single instrument, they are responsible for the entire soundscape. Switching tracks on the board changes what instrument you control, but each needs your attention if you want to win. There are no plastic instruments either, instead players use a regular controller, hitting three buttons to follow the beat.

The music in the original had a more techno vibe than Harmonix’s later games in the genre. Some songs might make a comeback, but more will likely be all new for this “refresh” of Amplitude. Pre-orders are available now in many varieties. You can choose to just get the regular game, or grab the soundtrack, art book, and more. No specific date is set for release, but Amplitude should be available some time later this year.

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