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Here’s How To Download The Resident Evil 7 Biohazard PS Plus Teaser Demo

by Mike Guarino


People were very excited to learn that not only would we be getting Resident Evil 7 next year during Sony’s press conference, but that we would be able to try it out for ourselves that night. However, people have been experiencing mixed results when trying to download it, but I was finally able to get the download going this morning after trying several different things.

Right now it seems like the Resident Evil 7 Teaser Demo: Beginning Hour still does not come up when you search for it normally, nor is it made at all apparent when you first boot up the PlayStation Store. However, if you do a little menu surfing you’ll be able to find it and get your download going in no time.

Here’s what ultimately worked for me in finding the demo within the PlayStation Store:

  • Go to the Games tab
  • Go to the Popular tab
  • Go to the Top Demos tab
  • Sort them by Newest First
  • The demo should appear on that list

Remember that this demo is only available to download for PlayStation Plus subscribers on PS4, and the download itself is 2.9 GB. You can check out the page for the game by clicking right here.

- This article was updated on:June 14th, 2016