Here’s When The Star Wars: Rogue One Review Embargo Is Lifted

by Damian Seeto


The reviews for Star Wars: Rogue One will be posted online very soon. Disney is trying its best like last year to ensure no spoilers are leaked out before release date.

As reported by Business Insider, the Star Wars: Rogue One review embargo lifts on December 13th at 5pm EST. This is just three days before the movie comes out on December 16th in North America.

You don’t have to worry about spoilers leaking out because the press aren’t allowed to give out story details on their reviews. They also have to make sure not to speak too much on social media about the movie too.

Business Insider has been invited to the press screening in New York and journalists aren’t allowed to bring laptops and computers to the event. Phones and other devices will be collected to prevent them from filming the movie while the press screenings are happening. They aren’t even allowed to tell people where and when press screenings are being held to prevent fans from trying to “show up”.

We won’t know how good Star Wars: Rogue One will be until next week, but some lucky journalists had a chance to see 28 minutes of the film last week. They liked what they have seen so far, so this is a good sign that the full movie should be great as well.

Rogue One does not have the amount of hype as The Force Awakens last year, although many fans are still looking forward to it. Star Wars films always do well at the Box Office. Even the prequels earned a lot of money even though many fans don’t think they are as good as the original trilogy. The trailers of the new film show promising signs as they have a lot of action and other exciting scenes.

- This article was updated on:March 8th, 2018

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