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Hitman’s Next Elusive Target is “The Twin” and New Companion App Available


Io Interactive is readying the release of another Elusive Target and a companion app for Hitman to go alongside it.  The developers call this next objective the “Tougest Elusive Target,” and will be releasing a Hitman companion app alongside the new mission.


The Companion App is available now for iOS and Android, and keeps track of release dates for new episodes, Elusive Targets, Escalation Contracts, and Feature Contracts that the game has.  Players with the Hitman Companion App can also use the app while playing the game to keep an image of the Elusive Target open on their mobile device while they try to track them down in-game.

Elusive Targets has been one of the very best new features of the latest Hitman game.  Between these new all-or-nothing assassination attempts and the evolving content in Hitman, there’s been plenty to keep players busy, even while waiting for new episodes to arrive.

The Hitman Companion App is free of charge and allows for push notifications that will tell you when new contracts arrive for the game.  The Twin, the next Elusive Target is not out currently, but is due later this month.

Download the App Now for iOS:

Download the App Now for Android:

- This article was updated on:July 7th, 2016

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