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How To Play As Darth Vader And More In Star Wars Battlefront

by Damian Seeto


DICE has now given more insight on to how players will earn the right to play as Darth Vader and more in Star Wars Battlefront.

In Battlefront 2, you had to earn the right to play as famous Star Wars characters before you could be them. It sounds like a similar system has been put in place for the upcoming new Star Wars Battlefront game from EA and DICE.

In a new blog post on the official Star Wars Battlefront website, DICE explains more about the playable Heroes and Villains in the game.

To be one of the playable Heroes and Villains in Star Wars Battlefront, they will be “unlocked through a powerup found on the map“. Obviously being one of these characters will aid you greatly on the battlefield and make the game more fun. In some modes, the famous characters will be limited to make things fair. You won’t be able to be them forever.

DICE also went into more detail on the skill sets of Luke Skywalker, Darth Vader and Boba Fett. If you are Skywalker, he is acrobatic with his lightsaber. He also has a force push and a technique called a Saber Rush too.

When playing as Darth Vader, he’s slower but has more heavy attacks. His heavy attacks will be able to wipe out groups of enemies with ease. He also has his iconic Force Choke as well as the ability to throw his own lightsaber.

Boba Fett is obviously more different as he doesn’t posses any force powers. He does have a cool jetpack that you can use to fly. He is also armed with two wrist launchers. One fires rockets while the other shoots out fire. Of course, he also comes armed with a EE-3 Carbine Rifle.

Finally, Heroes and Villains will also get to clash with one another in Star Wars Battlefront. DICE promises each character will be balanced so there shouldn’t be anyone weak that will be playable.

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