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Infinite Warfare Movement System Will Feel “Natural” for Black Ops 3 Players


The biggest changes that the Call of Duty games have seen over the past few iterations have been in the movement systems.  While Sledgehammer Games introduced the Exo-Suit and wholly new movement abilities for the game in Advanced Warfare, Treyarch puts its own spin on the movement system for Call of Duty with it’s chain-based system in Black Ops 3.  One of the big questions that Call of Duty fans have had about Infinite Warfare is what type of movement system will be in the new game.  Will it be something similar to the most recent entries, or would it return to the more classic Call of Duty style.

If you played Black Ops 3, Infinite Warfare movement will feel natural, says IW

Apparently, the movement system in Infinite Warfare will be similar to that of Black Ops 3, according to Infinity Ward.  Who recently replied to a fan on Twitter with the following remarks regarding the movement system.  “If you’ve played Black Ops 3 before, our take on the chain-based fluid movement system will feel natural to you.”

So it sounds like Infinite Warfare will play similarly to Black Ops 3 and players won’t need to learn yet another movement system for this year’s game.

Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare was just revealed to the world recently as a ground-breaking shift for the series, one that takes the combat to outer-space.  The reveal trailer for the game has managed to rack-up over 2 million dislikes, nearly seven times the amount of likes for the trailer.

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