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Kerbal Space Program Wii U Version Leaked

by Kyle Hanson


UPDATE: Nintendo has now confirmed the game’s future release on the Wii U. It will feature Gamepad exclusive controls.

Apparently set to premier during this weekend’s PAX Prime convention in Seattle, Kerbal Space Program has leaked for the Wii U. The leak came via Nintendo’s official YouTube channel, which posted a trailer that was promptly noticed by fans, and removed by Nintendo.

Kerbal Space Program puts players in charge of the titular NASA-like organization. You will build rockets, train astronauts, and explore the Kerbin system as you please. The game was in Steam Early Access for quite a while, only releasing its finished version earlier this year.

This is the final confirmed console version of the highly popular space simulation game. PS4 and Xbox One will both be getting KSP later on as well. Many doubted that the game would ever make its way to consoles, as the complexity of the game and its rocket building systems wouldn’t work well with a controller. Apparently developer Squad figured out a way to make it all work well though.

Even after the PS4 and Xbox One versions were announced, many assumed the Wii U wouldn’t get the game due to its relatively smaller user base. However, utilizing the Gamepad would actually make for a much more PC-like experience than PS4 and Xbox One can deliver. If Squad really takes advantage of the peripheral then this could be an excellent port of an already fantastic game.

Kerbal Space Program Wii U Trailer

- This article was updated on:March 8th, 2018

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