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Kid Icarus Uprising to Release Summer ’11

by William Schwartz


The Kid Icarus franchise will get a full out reboot on the Nintendo 3DS when it finally releases in Summer of 2011.  Announced for the first time way back at E3 2010, Kid Icarus uprising is quickly becoming a reality.

A mixture of the air and land sequences will be awefully familiar to retro junkies, and if anyone can pull of a reboot like this it’s gonna be Nintendo.  A tip of the hat was given to Space Harrier it seems as well.

As just about every other thing that Nintendo showed at the Nintendo World event this weekend in Japan, Kid Icarus uprising looks great.

The release date was tenatively nailed down to summer of 2011 which should just in time for you to be scouring stores everywhere for that one remaining 3DS that just came back in stock.

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