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Konami Wants You To Film Your Silent Hills/P.T. Reactions

by Damian Seeto


The demo P.T. which is available for PS4 has scared many gamers in preparation for Silent Hills. Now Konami wants to see how scared you really are.

Konami has announced a unique competition where they want to see how scared you really are while playing the P.T. demo. P.T. is somewhat a tech demo for the upcoming Silent Hills. What is in the demo is unlikely to be in the final game, but the same amount of horror might be still added. After all, many people that have played the P.T. demo already on PS4 have experienced just how freaky it can be.

Konami announced on its website it wants you to film your reactions while playing the P.T. demo. They do not want you to send footage of the game, you just have to film yourself while playing it. The winner(s) will be part of the “Kojima Production’s Stage shows at the Tokyo Game Show”. Hopefully they will announce more details of the actual Silent Hills game too.

You can upload your reactions to any video sharing website. This includes YouTube, Vimeo or whatever. Konami mainly want to see your reactions only and it doesn’t have to be long. Any amount of screams will suffice.

You have to name your video using “The P.T. Experiment” plus a description afterwards. This could be “The P.T. Experiment: Peeing in my Pants” or something like that. Once your video is public, send Konami the link and fill out this form by clicking here.

You better hurry as entries close on September 13th.

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