Attack of the Fanboy

Is a Half Life 3 announcement finally on the way?

by William Schwartz


Valve has apparently filed a trademark for Half Life 3 in Europe. The company has successfully protected its property with the Office of Harmonization in the Internal Market, but does this signal an announcement of Half Life 3 is due in the near future? It’s starting to sound like a Half Life 3 announcement could be closer than ever.

Just last week Valve monopolized gaming news with three big announcements for the future of their product line. This included announcements of the Steam OS, Steam Machines Hardware, and Valve’s take on a next-gen controller. After years and years of waiting this is one of the first concrete pieces of evidence that Valve is quietly making plans that could possibly include Half Life 3.

This trademark filing is in no way a confirmation that Half Life 3 will be announced shortly, but when you start to connect the dots, a Half Life 3 announcement does start to make sense. It would be a huge driver of interest for Valve’s new products, it could be Valve’s system selling title if they did some sort of exclusive release. It could help them usher in users to the Linux OS they’re preparing to launch, and it could be a great game to demo the functionality of their new controller.

So will they do it? Valve has yet to comment on the filing, nor have they registered the trademark in the US.

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