Attack of the Fanboy

Lizard Squad Takes Down Xbox Live Yet Again Ahead Of Game Awards

by Dean James


Just earlier today we told you about the latest attack from the infamous Lizard Squad on an online gaming service with Steam. It hasn’t even been 24 hours yet but they have already struck again, this time with their sights on one of their favorite targets, Xbox Live.

Once again using their own Twitter, Lizard Squad confirmed they had taken down Xbox Live, which coincides with the fact that gamers on Xbox 360 haven’t been able to use the online services much at all over the last hour. With the way it is right now, you may be able to get your console to connect, but it will likely be disconnected before long. Some gamers have said they have managed to stay on without a problem, so if you are in that group, consider yourself very lucky.

This news is incredibly disappointing for those that were planning on using their Xbox 360 to stream The Game Awards tonight using the Twitch app. This means players will have to find other means to watch it, including other consoles or on the computer. The website said that services are limited, so they definitely know that they have been hit, so hopefully they can recover quickly enough and get it back up for gamers to stream the show.

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