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Update (Back Online): The Lizard Squad Takes PSN Down Too?

by Damian Seeto


Just hours after taking down Xbox Live for many Xbox 360 users, it appears The Lizard Squad may have taken down PSN too.

The Lizard Squad promised they would make life miserable for PSN and Xbox Live users this Christmas, and it looks like they are doing that just now.

If you scroll through Twitter comments now, many people are complaining that the PSN is not working for them. A lot of people are wondering if maintenance is being done. To our knowledge, Sony didn’t announce a PSN maintenance during the Christmas break. This would not make sense since gamers would love to use the PSN over the Holidays.

We’re unsure how widespread the PSN is down for everyone, but a lot of people have noticed that they cannot log-in. This is unfortunate for those playing Destiny and The Crew as both games require you to be online at all times to play them.

The Lizard Squad Twitter page didn’t announce an attack on the PSN, but it’s more than likely they’re at fault. The leader’s Twitter page (@GDKJordie) has hinted he’s taking down PSN and Xbox Live today.

Gamers better just play games offline during Christmas as PSN and Xbox Live seems to be affected by Lizard Squad’s antics. Hopefully Sony and Microsoft get them up and running soon.

The Ask PlayStation Twitter page announced: “We are aware that there have been issues reported with PSN. Thanks for your patience as we investigate”.

The official PlayStation Support website says “PSN Status: Offline“. We still cannot confirm if Lizard Squad is at fault, but PSN is playing up for many users today.

Update: PSN is starting to come back online for many users. The service was down for a good 5 hours or so.

- This article was updated on:March 8th, 2018

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