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Mario Kart 8 Set To Receive Major Patch Later This Month

by Dean James


Mario Kart 8 released a little over two months ago for the Wii U to much critical acclaim, including being hailed as one of the best games of 2014 so far. Even as an amazing game, there were still a few tweaks that fans requested, and in very non-Nintendo like fashion, it has been revealed that a patch is coming later this month on August 27 with a number of changes and new additions.

This new patch will be bringing us three free Mercedes-Benz karts for us to use in races, which could have easily been charged for if they really wanted. These three karts are the GLA, W25 Silver Arrow, and 300 SL Roadster. A records screen is also being added to the game will the total number of coins, online win-loss record, character selections rates, and more being added later. We will also be seeing improved stability in the online play.

Two of the very few annoying aspects of Mario Kart 8 happen to be getting patched this time around as well. The first is that fact that when a race is done in Grand Prix, the menu defaults to replay rather than “next race.” This leads to most of the time accidentally hitting replay, which can become a pain. The other is a lack of an on-screen map outside of the GamePad. Luckily, this new patch is going to switch to put “next race” first on the list post-race along with adding an on-screen map. Starting your races will also be that much easier by having the last used kart customization be automatically saved for your future races. Lastly, you will be able to edit others’ highlights in the game.

With Nintendo showing the care about improving the very limited problems with Mario Kart 8, hopefully this means we might see an improved battle mode patched into the game eventually. For now, this is a great first step and shows that Nintendo cares about improving even close to perfect games for us.

- This article was updated on:March 7th, 2018

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