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Mario Monopoly Coming This Summer

by Dylan Siegler


Mario-themed Monopoly game, officially called Monopoly Gamer, is reportedly coming this August. According to Kotaku, this version of the game keeps many of the core attributes of Monopoly but also includes a number of new rules and mechanics.

For one thing, colorful paper money is gone, instead replaced by cardboard gold coins with different values. Also, all properties have become locations in the Mario universe, such as Peach’s Castle and Bowser’s Castle. And the little knick-knacks that you’re used to playing as are replaced by the four playable characters Mario, Peach, Yoshi and Donkey Kong.




In addition to these small differences, there are also larger ones. For example, each playable character has their own “Super Star” power. With Mario, the player will roll a die and collect the number of coins from the bank that the die landed on. Players playing as Peach will collect rent from any properties they own. Yoshi’s power allows his player to collect every coin on the board. Donkey Kong allows you to steal three coins from each other player. Another big difference is the game’s dice. One is the standard number die, but the other is a power-up die that grants you different abilities depending on what you roll. For example, rolling the Red Shell allows you to choose another player to drop three coins on the space they’re currently on. Also, this die’s effects can change depending on the character that rolls it. Peach, for instance, will make other players drop four coins with a Red Shell instead of three.


The game will also include Boss Battles. When you land on or pass a space that says “GO,” you get two coins and then battle a Mario Boss. There are eight bosses in the game, each of the seven Koopalings and then Bowser himself, and they have to be defeated in order, but not necessarily all by the same player. Bosses are defeated when the player rolls a number equal to or greater than the number on the Boss card. When a Boss is defeated, the Boss card goes into the inventory of the player that defeated it. Once Bowser is defeated, the game ends and all players tally their points, which are received by properties they own and bosses they’ve beaten. Also, each player gets ten extra points for every five coins they still have at the end of the game. Obviously, the player with the highest score wins.


The game will also have Booster Packs (sold separately). Each Booster Pack will have a new character, such as Luigi, Wario, Toad, Rosalina or others, all of which have their own unique abilities.



Monopoly Gamer is coming this August and will cost $24.99. Each Booster Pack will cost $2.99.

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