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Medal of Honor Warfighter Details Emerge

by William Schwartz


In the current issue of OXM, developer Danger Close has given some details to their upcoming sequel to the 2010 reboot. The last installment was criticized for being too linear and too short (among other things) and it seems that at least one of those criticisms has been heard by the developers and will let players choose how certain tactical situations play out. For example, when breaching into a room, the player may choose to breach with C4, use a flashbang, or just knock the door down with their foot, a la Rainbow 6. Presumably, each scenario will play out differently based on what the player has chosen and finally allow the player to feel like they have some control in the game instead of having it be a hand holding experience as some shooters seem to be doing these days.

Danger Close will also be using DICE’s Frostbite 2 engine to develop Medal of Honor Warfighter, allowing for some minor destruction, realistic particle physics and “swinging chandeliers.” The game’s multiplayer will be developed in house instead of being developed by DICE, so it shouldn’t feel like a watered down Battlefield game. The competitive multiplayer will feature Tier 1 operatives from England, Australia, Germany, and Poland instead of just the United States, so international players rejoice! There will also be a “hardcore” one shot, one kill mode somewhere in the game (it’s unclear if this is a difficulty setting or a multiplayer mode, or both) as well as co-op. However, the campaign will not feature co-op, so this alludes to the possibility that there will be a separate campaign or a variety of unconnected missions for co-op play. Splitscreen play has not been confirmed or denied.

Evidently, the campaign is being cowritten by actual Tier 1 operatives, after being impressed with the tone and authenticity of the last game, so don’t expect any Michael Bay style explosion-fests in this modern combat shooter. The game will NOT feature a mission based on the world renowned Bin Laden mission as this is not “their story to tell.” Instead, the story will continue sometime after the events of Medal of Honor (2010) with many of the same characters and take place in a variety of new locations. There will also be a focus on the personal issues operators face such as the lack of decent communication with their families, so expect a more character heavy story. While the fictional story line will be based on real events, the developers stress that they are going for an ‘authentic’ feel, not a ‘simulation,’ so health regeneration is still on the table.

More mission specific details can be found here, but be warned that there are some very very minor spoilers, mostly about gameplay. As well, more information on the game is due to come out during GDC on March 6th. The game is due to come out on PS3, Xbox 360, and PC this October.

- This article was updated on:March 7th, 2018

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