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Metal Gear Solid V Singer Wants To Perform At The Game Awards

by Dean James


There have been a number of different iterations of video game based awards shows and The Game Awards was one of the most successful in many years in its first annual showing. The show did a solid job of mixing music into the show, such as the excellent Legend of Zelda medley with Koji Kondo and Imagine Dragons, and now someone who lent the theme to a big game for this year is campaigning to perform in The Game Awards 2015.

Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain released back in September, with the game likely to garner many nominations at the end of the year awards show. Like pretty much every Metal Gear Solid game, there was a main theme found in the game.

That theme was called “Sins of the Father” and was performed by Donna Burke, who really wants to sing the song during The Game Awards in December.

Burke used her own Twitter account to tweet at Geoff Keighley, the man behind the show, and said the following:

“Hello My name is Donna Burke and I would like to sing at

The Metal Gear Solid franchise has had excellent music over the years, including standouts like “Snake Eater,” so it would make a lot of sense to have Burke perform “Sins of the Father” here, perhaps even in some sort of tribute to the departing Hideo Kojima.

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