Attack of the Fanboy

Microsoft begins deployment of Xbox 360 Fall Dashboard Update

by William Schwartz


Microsoft has begun deployment of the fall Xbox 360 Dashboard Update. This update is a big one for Microsoft as they’ve finally capitulated and moved from Microsoft Points back to the world of real currency.

You’ll know it if your region has the update available, you won’t be able to log-in to Xbox Live without downloading it. You won’t even know that the change has occured, that is, until you try and purchase something on the network.

Once you do, you’ll be taken through a conversion process which explains how much any points tied to your account are worth.

The update will be deployed in a staggered fashion, as it gradually hits members in all regions. When it finally does propogate, it will hit all 41 Xbox Live markets.

Adios Microsoft Points, it was a good run. One that made for some unnecessary confusion when writing about you.

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