Attack of the Fanboy

Did Microsoft just release the Secret Sauce for Xbox One?

by William Schwartz


Microsoft has apparently released a new SDK (Software Dev Kit)  for the Xbox One that should improve the quality of games on the console.   That’s according to the head of Xbox, Phil Spencer, who recently took to Twitter to relay the news.

“June #XboxOne software dev kit gives devs access to more GPU bandwidth.  More performance, new tools and flexibility to make games better,” says Spencer. 

Hopefully this new performance gain for the Xbox One will see real world results when games come to market.  A number of Xbox One games have released on the console at sub-1080p native with lower frame rates, which seems to have been attributable to a lack in power on the console.

It’s unclear just what games could be affected by the performance bump, and how big that performance bump is.

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