Middle-Earth: Shadows Of Mordor Wins GDC 2015 Game Of The Year

by AOTF Staff

Many awards were given out at this years GDC Choice Awards, from surpise winners like Elite Dangerous and predicted winners like Ustwo’s Monument Valley, there is no bigger prize though than Game Of The Year.

Back in December, we decided our Game Of The Year but the GDC Choice Awards were still in deliberation. Last night though, the awards were given out and Middle-Earth: Shadows Of Mordor won the Game Of The Year from the GDC Choice Awards.

Middle-Earth: Shadows Of Mordor was arguably the first great Lord Of The Rings based game that came out of Warner Bros. Interactive, so that alone is a milestone. The game itself takes place between The Hobbit trilogy and the Lord Of The Rings so it earns its place in the lore. As an open-world game it draws similarities to the  Assassin’s Creed series of titles as it allows the character to plan out their attacks and perform free-flowing combat situations and executions on various Orc heirarchy. The Nemesis System is one of the title’s more championing aspects as it allows for an ever-evolving game that will not only react to the player, but remember the players actions for future confrontations.

Middle-Earth: Shadows Of Mordor is available now on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and PC.