Mighty No. 9 Delayed To September, Getting Physical Release

by Dean James

Mighty No. 9 is an interesting specimen in the gaming community, as it is promoted as a spiritual successor to the long running Mega Man series. While Mega Man lays mostly dead as a franchise at Capcom, Keiji Inafune took to Kickstarter to crowdfund his next game. Originally scheduled for release this month, it has been revealed that Mighty No. 9 has been delayed to later this year with a new partner.

Mighty No. 9 will now arrive on September 15, this time coming with a new partner in Deep Silver. Through this teamup, the game will receive not only a digital release, but also a physical release across various platforms. The first reveal of this delay and physical version came courtesy of the official PlayStation blog, which also gave us plenty of new information.

  • Play through 12 Unique and Challenging Stages in a single player campaign.
  • Unlock the New Game+ to add an additional two extra difficulty levels including a punishing Turbo mode.
  • The Single Player Challenge mode with dozens of mini missions for the hardest of challenges.
  • Boss Rush Mode: Play through each of the game‘s bosses, back to back, with a clock ticking to keep track of your best time.
  • Show the world how Mighty you are in the 2 Player Online Race Battle where you compete online, racing through each stage together in a head to head battle – adding an all new twist on versus mode play that will give Mighty No. 9 life well beyond the single-player campaign.
  • 2 Player Online Co-Op Challenge Mode: take on over a dozen missions online with a friend, playing as Beck and his partner, Call! Use Beck and Call’s different powers together in order to defeat these special challenges.
  • Toggle between regular and 8-bit music: this game is a veritable who’s who of veteran game composers – Manami Matsumae, Takeshi Tateishi, Ippo Yamada. As such, Mighty No. 9 features an optional chiptune version of the entire game soundtrack which you can toggle on and off.
  • Brand new Ray DLC which features a new stage with its own unique boss as well as a brand new unlockable playable character.

The blog also revealed that the PS Vita version would launch later than the others, so it is possible not every single platform is arriving that day. One of the best reveals is that the newly revealed Ray DLC will be completely free for all backers of the game through Kickstarter, as well as being included in the physical release versions. The partnership with Deep Silver is bringing other new features like Japanese and French voice acting, so it definitely is a great thing for Mighty No. 9, which you can finally play on September 15.