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Minecraft on Xbox 360 “What did you think would happen?”

| May 10, 2012

Minecraft on Xbox 360 "What did you think would happen?" News Xbox  Xbox 360 Notch Mojang Minecraft

Minecraft on the Xbox 360 is shattering sales records on consoles this week.  The popular PC game that is built around the premise of creation is apparently fairing well with the critics as well as consumers.  Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition lets you create worlds from the comfort of your sofa. The Xbox 360 version of the game offers new features that allow to play alone or play with your friends.

Here’s what a selection of critics had to say about this recently released title on the Xbox Live Arcade.

Official Xbox Magazine 100 – 4J has turned in an accomplished port, boasting crisp, high-resolution visuals and a reorganised inventory…In terms of console sims, nothing touches it. Minecraft’s world is one that everybody should experience.

Eurogamer90 – It’s a good deal less aimless in this new 360 version, which makes a few notable concessions to accessibility for this notoriously inscrutable game.

Game Informer88 – I’ve always been a fan of games that emphasize exploration and freedom, and that’s what Minecraft is at its core. I absolutely love the feeling I get from scaling a blocky mountain and seeing a wide-open expanse of pure possibility in the distance. It was revelatory when it was released on PC, and Xbox 360 players now have a chance to experience all the wonder that Minecraft offers.

Giant Bomb80 – The 360 game offers enough value for block-building neophytes to justify its existence in a world where Minecraft has already seemingly been wallpapered everywhere you look for the last couple of years.

Polygon70 – The plethora of in-game tips and tutorials make Minecraft far less intimidating to gamers with little time or patience to stumble around blindly looking for the fun, much of the mystery and discovery of the original game has been stripped away by the very things meant to make it more palatable.

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    cool :D

  • Yomama



    Ps3? Nope still no games lol.


      psss… CONTENT MANAGER, bro


    I don’t understand why you wouldn’t play this on pc. It’s not like minecraft is hard to run. 

    • Egg_Yellow89

      Im sorry but my PC can run minecraft at 40 fps. While the xbox can run at 60fps at 4 player splitscreen.

      Ofcourse you wont understand.

      • Nailcannon

        orly? 1. its not 60 fps on console. if you think so then prove it.
        2. my pc can run a 32×32(4 times more pixels than vanilla) texture pack at 80 fps with everything turned to the max.
        come at me bro.

        • Egg_Yellow89

          Its was a 4j tweet responding on a fan questioning about the small rendering size of the map at the video “OXM TROLLING”. In which, from what I recall, they said that the rendering distance was kept down to maintain at a 60 fps

      • Allen

        Your love for Xbox is mind boggling, seeing as how they fk your momma in the ass every other day and all.

        • Egg_Yellow89

          Ohh really? 

          I doubt you really are a father. Basing on the way you just replied to me. 

          Anyway, how did those “Marketing techniques” that you emailed Sony with went?

        • Argonian Man

          You just cant shut up can you.

  • rockachoc

    ive heard from like everybody at school that this update should be out on 18th July this year, if it isn’t im gonna be really pissed off at everybody who said that :D


    my sugestion is “PUT MINECRAFT ON VITA”!!!!!!!