Mojang Database Maintenance To Affect Minecraft, Scrolls & Cobalt

by AOTF Staff

Kristoffer Jelbring, a member of the Mojang ‘Web Force’ team, has recently announced the timing of the next planned maintenance, which will affect all of the developer’s PC games.

Jelbring announced the news on the social networking website Twitter, using the handle @KrisJelbring. According to Jelbring, Mojang are to be “doing some maintenance next week that may temporarily affect your ability to play Minecraft“. Not only will the PC edition of Minecraft be affected however. Mojang’s other, less popular, titles Cobalt and Scrolls will also be effected by the maintenance. The Minecraft: Pocket Edition and console versions will be unaffected by the maintenance.

The scheduled maintenance will take place this Tuesday, April 14th, and will last from 08:00 to 12:00 CEST (UTC+2). The reasoning behind the maintenance is to “perform some much needed updates to our [Mojang’s] databases”. The result will be that Minecraft servers, including Minecraft Realms, and Mojang websites will be unavailable. The Mojang Web Force team would not reveal the exact reason for the planned maintenance but commented:

“We’re of course sorry about any inconvenience this may cause you. Rest assured that we would not be doing this unless it was absolutely necessary.”

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