Mojang Responds To Minecraft 1.9 Combat Update Concerns

by AOTF Staff
Minecraft update

Nathan Adams, one of the Minecraft developers, has recently revealed the main focus of the 1.9 update for Mojang’s critically acclaimed title, Minecraft.

Adams, otherwise known as Dinnerbone, took to the social networking website Twitter to both announce what the Minecraft 1.9 focuses on and to ask fans for feedback. He commented, “1.9 will be the combat update. Lots of people seem anxious we’re going to do it wrong, so tell us how to do it right.” A bold move which will surely go down well with fans of the title. Adams went on to explain the team had decided ask fans about combat due to “anxious comments” from gamers.

Fans could seemingly not agree on how the combat should be tweaked but they did make it obvious that a balance had to be found, with all fans views and opinions being taken into account. Adams revealed the extent of the fans differing opinions by unveiling a few comments he had received; “I’ve had a lot of anxious comments since the 1.9 theme announcement, stuff like ‘they’re just going to ruin it and make it easy’ and then ‘they’re just going to ruin it and make it too hard’.”

It seems that Mojang have quite a balancing game to play, with a variety of opposing opinions already being deliberated upon. In an attempt to appeasing all fans at once Mojang has opened a combat discussion on Reddit. Let the developers know what you like or hate most about the current mechanics on the Minecraft Suggestions Subreddit now.