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Mojang Responds To Minecraft 1.9 Combat Update Concerns

| April 9, 2015

Mojang Responds To Minecraft 1.9 Combat Update Concerns News  Minecraft

Nathan Adams, one of the Minecraft developers, has recently revealed the main focus of the 1.9 update for Mojang’s critically acclaimed title, Minecraft.

Adams, otherwise known as Dinnerbone, took to the social networking website Twitter to both announce what the Minecraft 1.9 focuses on and to ask fans for feedback. He commented, “1.9 will be the combat update. Lots of people seem anxious we’re going to do it wrong, so tell us how to do it right.” A bold move which will surely go down well with fans of the title. Adams went on to explain the team had decided ask fans about combat due to “anxious comments” from gamers.

Fans could seemingly not agree on how the combat should be tweaked but they did make it obvious that a balance had to be found, with all fans views and opinions being taken into account. Adams revealed the extent of the fans differing opinions by unveiling a few comments he had received; “I’ve had a lot of anxious comments since the 1.9 theme announcement, stuff like ‘they’re just going to ruin it and make it easy’ and then ‘they’re just going to ruin it and make it too hard’.”

It seems that Mojang have quite a balancing game to play, with a variety of opposing opinions already being deliberated upon. In an attempt to appeasing all fans at once Mojang has opened a combat discussion on Reddit. Let the developers know what you like or hate most about the current mechanics on the Minecraft Suggestions Subreddit now.

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  • Joe

    Minecraft has a vast army of children and casual gamers partly due to the current ease of combat. Making it harder would drive many of these people away.

    • Joshua Ruiz

      So that’s your opinion? Or someone else’s and you decided to plagiarize it as your own? Enlighten me, I’m intrigued.

      • joe

        It’s actually a fact. I’m not bad mouthing Minecraft. I’ve played it for years.
        But it’s cute that you think I would plagiarize something so obvious.

        • Amari Ruhland

          no, most kids that i see play play on easy

          • Pottery TNT

            I play on Normal-Hard, but if im on creative I play on peaceful.
            When I first played minecraft ever, I thought peaceful meant creepers only lol

          • Taylor Owens

            It’s because they might have trouble playing the hard or normal difficulties.Some may be practicing for those difficulties.I play on easy cause I’m just horrible at survival.And I’m 12!!!

          • Superfurret

            i used to play on hard and im 12 now i cant even play on normal :/

          • Trent

            I play hardcore and hard and im 12!

          • Namethinger1234

            I think we see a trend of 12 year olds here… pretty sure that counts as a “kid”

          • “Easy” isn’t easy either. Easy to get killed as you basically only need to get attacked (by mobs) 3 times and you’re a gonner regardless of armour.

    • MasonWM

      Is that really what we want?

      • Ultra

        i Ask you. once the bugs are fixed. Give it a chance

        • sjonie_P

          I haven’t played minecraft for a half year just BECAUSE The 1.9 update Its just not fun

          • Valfreyja

            Same here. I’ve been involved with minecraft since the DEV versions of the game. I was a lucky early adopter who stumbled upon the game when you could fly by default and levels were tiny squares with like 14 block types. 1.9 chased me right out of the game.

    • Harold D

      And theres a reason they can’t do BOTH?

      • asdf

        ECACTLY they need to add a difficulty with no weapon recharge and no 50% less powerfull gear

        • Ultra


      • Ultra

        I ask. Give it a chance. the New combat is Really Fun and you feel like You are Accomplishing something when you get a kill with the new Combat recharge Mechanic

        • Zaidee

          I felt like I was accomplishing something just by getting by as I was before. I take time to get confident to face the monsters. Something I was able to do before because they appeared slowly, more each day. Now suddenly I start a new single player game and on day 1 they a everywhere and every kind. What the hell?! I like the updates, what I don’t like is that the monsters are suddenly every where and crazy strong. A zombie might as well be a halk. And what are you ment to do then is its day one and all you might have is a stone or steal sword if your lucky? Forget about armor. And don’t get me started about facing witches on the first day with no good gear. And it doesn’t help that while I may not completely spam click, I still suck at strategy. Largely because I get too put off by the sounds, and like I said take a while to get use too it. If people wanted it harder, they should have played on hardcore. I played on normal and slowly got better as I played. Now I’ve put it to easy and a dame spider almost seems to kill me because it’s so strong. And even though easy is still too dame hard. I don’t want to play on peaceful.

    • Trent

      No it wont its driving me away when its to easy! I totally disagree with you

    • Jbulette

      Or… They can just keep everything the same, but add an ultra hard mode, which would satisfy us hardcore gamers and still keep the others. But the game is easy right now, and if anything i dont think making it harder would drive them away, it would keep them more entertained.

    • FL_A2

      heck no,I’m glad the combat got somewhat more intresting

    • Valfreyja

      That fallacy has been repeated time and again for half a decade in WOW. Making it harder never works. The problem with Mojang is they’re shit game designers. They have NO IDEA how to effectively scale difficulty and are apparently allergic to doing the things that need to be done to make difficulty meaningful: Biome specific enemies, situation specific encounters. Instead they just hamfist “difficulty” into the game by overtuning what’s already there and hobbling the player with things like weapon cd. They turned a game that’s half about crafting into a game where crafting is goddamn impossible because you’re CONSTANTLY surviving. If it’s not night, it goddamn raining so everything’s alive anyway. If it’s not raining it’s STORMING so new things are spawning. If it’s not storming half the enemies spawned with helmets at night so they live ANYWAY. If you survive the retarded amount of enemy spawns that are overtuned and you cannot effectively fight because of weapon cd then you’re hungry to the point of disaster andeven if you fix that your armor is screwed so no crafting for you, GO FIX YOUR GODDAMN ARMOR on the anvil that breaks after looking at it with too sharp a glance. Because that’s what giant blocks of iron do: They break for no reason. If you get a full 5 minutes of peace to simply oversee your construction site anymore you’re damned lucky. Survival should require SURVIVING but goddamn. Half the name of the game is CRAFT and survival is meaningless when difficulty is so sloppily implemented. Ultimately the whole “enemies spawn according to light level” mechanic needs to be jettisoned. It’s a relic of an antiquated design philosophy.

      Mojang has proven themselves ametures who just got lucky. They are DAMN lucky all these casuals like their game. Hardcore gamers have been running away from this title in droves.

      • Squeek

        ACtually that’s wrong to the Nth degree. But to each their own. While you may hate it, the only thing that turned me off from the game in general is the fact that there’s two hands. Not one. I’m sorry but this isn’t call of duty or Vive. If you wanted to make one compatible for vive, do what you did for mobile phones. But don’t mess with the original mix for PC/console. Having two hands on PC honestly put me away and it wasn’t something I wanted for this game. But apparently everyone else did because it’s there.

        The only reason it may be hard for many is because you don’t know how to survive or you don’t know how to pick your places and hole up. Then again, I’m older and have had more experience with survival-based games. I’m honestly happier with how harder it became… just as long as they get rid of the two-hands.

        • Luke Binkofsky

          you can just not use the other hand…

      • Luke Binkofsky

        AHEM 1.10 added biome specific mobs (Polar bears, Strays, And Husks). And situation specific encounters? Idk what that is, but like weather? Skeleton horsemen.

  • Laalalala

    I bet they are adding something cool like emerald tools or new mobs and blocks ,maybe ores.

    • ItzDaNinja

      This is the combat update, not the add new mobs or tools update.

      • lego ryan

        Yes but they could improve combat by adding new weapons i just hope they dont add blood.

        • CocoForCocoPuffs

          Well being tht this is a combat update, new mobs and unique weapons are quite likely. So, to say that no new mobs will come in this update will likely be incorrect; what’s a combat update with no new enchantments, mobs, or tools/weapons?

          • Hannah

            They are adding new knives.. And arrows, and a new End, and end islands, mobs, plants, new food source, have you not been listening?

          • Dominic the Genius 101

            I have the snapshot so I know what they added, you are right. The plants and food source are called chorus, the arrows have potion effects and a ‘Spectral Arrow’ . No knives, in the ‘Secondary End’ there are dungeons called ‘End Cities’ inhabited with mobs called Shulkers, which send projectiles that make you levitate. They added dual wielding too, and thats about it folks

          • Dominic the Genius 101

            P.S Oh and I am 10 and I know all about it!

          • Braeson

            No, they aren’t i think well my friend told me that they were making axes stronger than sword so IDK.

          • adsf

            what mobs if ur talking about gardians thats 1.8

          • George

            true exept for the part with the mobs, mobs aren’t combat. they are mobs. weapons are, and enchants are but not mobs. they can be combated, but it would be unlikely for them to add mobs. they just added some

          • george

            matter of fact, they added one end mob, the shulker. i was thinking that to be the 1.8._ update, but no known changes otherwise

        • KNITEpanda

          Lol…scared they’ll add blood? What are you like 11?

          • lego ryan

            Its me the same guy who posted the comment and im 12. FYI im not scared of blood i like it but it isnt the point of minecraft

          • KNITEpanda

            I know its you, the guy who posted the comment. xD

            Also, sure it may not be the point of Minecraft, but I can see seeing it being an option that a user can toggle on and off. Especially considering the fact that Minecraft doesn’t really have an age group as its target audience.

          • Pottery TNT

            I agree

          • Deimos The Badass

            Bloods and Gore would be cool! xD

          • Dominic the Genius 101

            I agree and they did not add blood and I’m 10, I have the snapshot and thats how I know all this!

          • Dominic the Genius 101

            Block Called Purpur

        • MasonWM

          Entities turn red when hit which is kind of blood.

        • Trent

          There is already blood but not when you kill mobs theres another way to see it!

          • Cameron Burton

            Blood would ruin Minecraft for me, because the games I play always have dead things going up in smoke.

        • asdf

          i highly dought they would add blood dont have to wory about that

      • Minecraft is not a combat game primarily. Mojang/Microsoft seem to have forgotten that. Mine craft. No “kill” in that title.

    • Hannah

      Emeralds are for villagers. Also the (almost) rarest ore in the game. New mobs are finalized, but are still subject to change.

      • ArfenOne

        Not the rarest, I can find 10 diamonds in under 5 minutes whereas 10 diamonds in 10 minutes.

  • Coola101

    I am coola101 and I think it’s a nice idea adding new weapons perhaps battle axes tomahawks and pickbow (pickaxe + bow/crossbow) or even a shield that u can design like banners

    • John Ross

      Don’t need all that. That isn’t what minecraft is about.

      • Pottery TNT

        That is more of a cod lol.

      • Harold D

        Its a sandbox game, it can be “all about” anything… Thats the point. Theres plenty of modpacks out there that already have made the combat more interesting, it would be nice to see what Mojang could do with their own game if so many independent developers have done cool things already.

    • Taylor Owens

      You must like watching mod showcases.Because none of that will be done without mods.

    • Hdusnsndkddh

      Seems like you were right about shields. Everything else is not minecraft’s style.

      • Luke Binkofsky

        hey battle axes kinda came in the way that axes are now better than swords

    • Luke Binkofsky

      only one of them came xD

      ok battle axes kinda came (they made axes better weapons than swords but have a longer cooldown)

  • Christopher Gregory Wortman

    One thing I love about Minecraft, if you don’t like a version, you can play any version you like. They don’t force me to play 1.8, I am still playing 1.7.10 for the most part because of mods. When they fix it and allow mods ill use the latest again, until then I use what I like. Don’t like it? Play what version you do like. It really is that simple.

    • Guest

      Yes you could but, if you play multiplayer not all servers are going to be the same version.

    • Actually, if you search 1.8 mods you will see they’ve already been enabled. :D

    • HeroLink18

      Thing is, all the mods will be coming out for 1.9 now, and not the earlier versions.

  • EnderSlayerZR

    I want dual-Wielding, like in Halo

    • Gust

      That just ruins Minecraft pvp..

      • MasonWM

        no it doesnt

        • Dominic the Genius 101

          You can’t use dual wielding for two items that use the same mouse button.

          • Elijah James

            It doesn’t ruin it neither does dual wielding have to be used for the same mouse button.The left mouse button can hit with the left weapon and the right mouse button can hit with the right weapon,its that simple.You would just need a button to switch to dual wielding and to get out of it.

        • Jbulette

          YESSSSS. It does.

      • KNITEpanda

        I’m with Mason…no it doesn’t lol. There would be pros and cons for it.

      • Jason Gasper

        thiers various good games that allow fuel weilding such as The Elder Scrolls!

        • okay

          They’ve actually said they’re going to add dual-wielding, so you can carry a shield and a sword, or even two swords, but they’ve mentioned that dual-wielding isn’t exclusive to weapons. I don’t know how they would implement it otherwise, but we’ll just have to wait and see.

      • Taylor Owens

        Exactly.And you can download a mod that adds in dual weidling,but if you play Xbox or Playstation,it’s not possible.

      • saltybacon993

        They already are adding dual wielding bitch so shut the fuck up

        • Braeson

          CHILL BRO CALM DOWN JEEZ no one is hurting you !

      • Deimos The Badass

        They’ll surely kill PvP.

      • EnderSlayerZR

        Well then… this is awkward. Dual-wielding is in Minecraft :P

    • Pottery TNT

      You can but, the left hand wont be usable the only usable thing will be the shield. Unless ,you get this mod that allows you to use duel wielding. I forgot the name of the mod sorry.

      • Dominic the Genius 101

        The name of the mod you are thinking of is called Battlegear

    • Dominic the Genius 101

      They added that in the snapshot.

    • Ultra

      here is how duel wielding works. you have a dominant hand for attacking and mining and a off hand for placing and Other stuff. For example
      you can have torches in the off hand slot and a Pickaxe on the main hand slot. you can place torches without having to Scroll to torches

  • Yoshiman121

    im afraid minecraft is going down the wrong path what happened to the blocky game i fell in love with i se posts of knifes,daggers and crossbows, not knowing what is to come like the death of the last great legend atari minecraft is to fall

    • wtf


    • ihatemylife

      They never said they were going to add new weapons. Your comment also made no sense, as the Atari is completely different from Minecraft.

    • MasonWM

      face it, combat was one minecrafts only weak points

      • Jbulette

        I disagree mason

    • KNITEpanda

      LOL WHAT?! Your comment makes zero sense…Not sure what you’re going on about.

      • Pottery TNT

        The only weapons possibly going to be added is shields and new arrows

      • Jbulette

        Dude he just forgot the word “of.” Not a biggie

    • Elijah James

      First of all wtf.Second of all it isn’t going to make it worse by adding new things its simply just making it better so there’s more to do and to use.And lastly you can just switch versions if you don’t like the new updates.

    • Jbulette

      Thats because thats whats popular. How often do u see faction servers on the server lists? Towny is so rare.

  • Yoshiman121

    i hope the update isnt to dractic just enchanments ples

    • Guest

      That isn’t an update at all. They could do that in a few days, so no, as they already revealed a slightly harder End.

      • Guest

        Also, stop posting new comments.

      • stahp

  • Yoshiman121

    i really like update i husr hope minecraft isnt going down the wrong road

    • Fish

      I want better blocking and more ways to fight. I would like weapons like battle axes, tomahawk, knifes and ninja stars?

      • Pottery TNT

        That’s more of a ninja style, they will add shields for blocking though :)

  • ShadowGaming

    Combat Animations

    • MasonWM


      • Pottery TNT

        They are add shields :)

  • joeao12

    They should improve sneaking and make it so that you can hide in grass, add zoom to bows and maybe spells eg lightning

    • Pottery TNT

      I wouldn’t recommend that, powers of herobrine lol

    • El Guest-o

      A “lightning” bow enchantment that makes it so drawing the bow is instantaneous and the arrow goes quicker, maybe even with a lightning animation behind the bow as it moves, would be cool. :D

  • Guest

    I honestly hope you don’t ruin Minecraft.. Dual-wielding are you serious? What happened to Minecraft?

    • ihatemylife

      They never said they were going to add dual-wielding. Plus, mods already give players the option to dual-wield.

      • Elijah James

        They did confirm that.

    • MasonWM

      dual wielding=awesome

    • Alex715

      I dont agree i think it would be cool to dual wield things like pickaxes.

      • Pottery TNT

        But not usable. Read wiki!

    • Pottery TNT

      When you dual wield you cant attack with the second weapon, the dual wield is for the new shield.

    • Ultra

      the Duel wielding is very minor. you can duel wield sword but you can only attack with one

  • George

    Try adding throwing knives,have one for each material crafted with one of the material and a stick.They would be thrown the same way as splash potions except they move faster,arc less and go further.Also they can be collected after just like arrows.

    • Pottery TNT

      Post your ideas to mojang! Or tweet them :)

  • George

    Or maybe add the red dragon and make it rideable as a way to get around the map.I’ll leave it up to you how to tame and find it as long as it is relatively simple and the dragons are fairly common.

    • Pottery TNT

      That’s too much

  • kenny

    will there be anay new ores

    • Pottery TNT

      Don’t think so :(

  • yehosh

    mojang is pretty good at what they do, they updated combat once before (the adventure update) and i bet people where pretty anxious to but it turned out to be great they added sprinting and blocking so maybe we shouldent be so anxious.

  • yehosh

    i just hope they dont make it to combat based

  • Stin

    I hope they add thirst, sometime in the new updates. Also i don’t want dual wielding, only like charge/buildup bigger strikes etc.

    • no thirst omg no

    • MasonWM

      no one needs thirst; no one needed hunger either

      • the electric bogaloo

        dude its a survival game hunger and thirst should be the first things in a survival game cuz its about survivng so yeah i agree with stin , they should add in thirst.

        • MasonWM

          It’s really more of a sandbox

    • Pottery TNT

      Dual wielding will be added but only for shields and to hold other items but not usable only shields will be usable in dual wielding. Thirst is a great idea, try tweeting to mojang?

    • Bob

      …thirst? Really? And burst attacks? This isn’t !

  • StevenGray

    minecraft is ruin is was just a game now its just weird!!!

  • Third2

    They’re April Fools, you can’t hurt entities, and everytime you TAKE damage get another heart. Sadly, resource packs and settings are deleted.

    • Pottery TNT

      That was the april fools snapshot, the 1.9 update will be out around 1-6 months maybe end of year who knows?

  • Nether Zapados

    They shouldn’t change anything, the combat system of Minecraft is already good. Knockback, Critical Hits, etc. are already as good as the game.

    Readin on the previous comments, i would not like to see such weapons that are not “Minecraft-like”. Emerald weapons would not seem to be fitting for Minecraft, dual wielding would also be horrible for Minecraft in my opinion. Other weapons such as battle axes, spears, shields also don’t go well in vanilla Minecraft, we already have the block feature in our swords, there’s no need for shields.

    On the enchantments side, i think there’s room for more. I don’t have ideas as of now but i believe that good enchantment suggestions could go well.

    Regarding on combat animations, i think the current animations is already good. Just our blocky arms swinging represents Minecraft completely, it would look weird if it were to change xD

    On other notes, blood, fallen limbs, heads, etc. seem to be unnecessary for the time being. But if the suggestion seem to be good, then i guess it is ok to be added.

    If you have read this post, i did not intend to stop anyone from suggesting. Everyone is has the right to suggest anything. If you are offended by my opinions, i apologize, i did not mean to.

    • Alex175

      Yeah but if sheild are added then if your holding one you shouldnt take any damage.

      • Pottery TNT


  • crazydude51

    i agree with yoshi i hope minecraft isnt goin down the wrong path

    • Intense Finity (David)

      We get your point. No need to go all crazy, dude.


  • crazydude51

    dont request new wepons leave minecraft pvp the way it is dont and new wepons or dual weilding think about the pvprs ples dont give mojang any bad ideas ples

  • crazydude51

    i hope no new wepons are added minecraft is great te way it is

  • crazydude51

    quit trying to change it

  • crazydude51

    dont drive off players with ur suggestions

  • crazydude51

    just help ful things like removing lag when ur on fire

    • InfernalChaos79

      crazydude51 lag when your on fire probably only happens to you because you have an older system maybe.

    • Alex715

      I really think they should add new weapons what if your bored of finding diamonds? What if you could make new tools out of emeralds? And they dont just do that puny 7 attack damage but 10.think about it.

      • Ultra

        really emeralds are Meant to be a villager’s thing

  • Coola101

    Maybe they will add new mobs maybe skeletons with crossbows ender creepers more bosses I’d like to see a creeper overlord of some sort maybe new bows like a fire bow (bow that you add flint and steal to) crossbows volts for the crossbows

  • MikeRiggs86

    Why don’t they fix minecart first so they act like trains instead of adding new stuff. Fix what’s there first. Minecarts would be so much better if you could link carts. You could have a person cart followed by maybe 2 chest carts with another person cart, then you could just get in ether cart depending on which direction you want to go in. Plus you need the ability to stop the train at will so they need bracks two.

  • John Ross

    They need to drop the kids and get back the good old days.

    I’m so excited to see combat be reborn :D

    • 70% of minecraft players are kids, heh id like to see your minecraft m8 get rekt ezpz lol

      • John Ross

        …. What? speaking of kids, I feel like you didn’t even go to English class lol

    • MasonWM

      I’m sick of people saying that crap, and yes, I am an adult. (The first statement, not the second)

      • John Ross

        I’ve played since the first alpha and I’ve seen the great change as they’ve tried to appeal to kids. It was never a “kids” game, yet now the world views it as one

  • Good Idea

    Adding new weapons or shields wouldn’t do it. they need to make a new combat system.
    A combat System bent on skill of the player.
    cuz it realy only matters what the person has to kill and his click speed + FPS but that,s all.
    it should be more than that.
    MINECRAFT lack’s motion.

    • Ultra

      thats Exactly what happened. the Cooldown mechanic was added. where spam clicking does not do much damage or knockback, instead you have to time your swings to the the maximum damage. also click speed does not really matter. you dont hit the opponent every time you click its more like you only attack every time the Swinging animation is over

  • Creeperider124

    I can’t wait for this update I hope they add new bosses and some new mobs maby some swords and shields crossbows I think that would be amazing

  • Intense Finity (David)

    I think Mojang should make all of the tools able to have dye on them! (But nobody at mojang is really going to read this anyway… oh well!)

  • Fattyarms

    I don’t want it to change especially not with new weapons. As most combat I do is multiplayer shields would ruin it because you could just camp defence. Dual wielding will make minecraft – in my opinion – very boring with all the fight being who can stab the other with two diamond swords first wins. New arrows are a nice idea but how would you organise which ones your using? A combat update in my opinion just need to fiddle with critical rates and how much armour affects damage as at the moment tomahawks, new arrows, emerald gear, dual wielding, shields and most of the other things people are suggesting can all be found in mods. The only real tool or NEW mechanic I think it needs is quivers and to reduce the arrow stack size to 30. Then quivers ( which lets say can hold 60 ) suddenly become something you need and you could then mark which quiver you take arrows from first. Also adding all this would suddenly change minecraft from a crafting and building game into a combat heavy game focused around pvp. I suppose small variations in weapons would be interesting like a battle axe for +0.5 damage or daggers for +1 swing speed but apart from those and quivers anything but minor balances would ruin minecraft completely.

    • Ultra

      the duel wielding is very limited, you can duel wield Swords but you can only swing with one

  • Fattyarms

    Onto the subject of mobs. I think new mobs would be nice but something like a nether silverfish and a small chance of sword skeletons. There isnt really much to say about this just don’t add mobs which will steal your stuff or any creepers that will explode even larger please.

    • Ultra

      Technically a creeper with a more powerful explosion already exist as the charged creeper

  • Fattyarms

    Finally, enchantments. Enchantments could really go anywhere as long as there balanced out with XP cost. It would be nice for some sort of bane of arthropods on a bow and smite on a bow. A armour enchantment that has a small chance of bouncing damage back to the attack not just dealing some like thorns could be cool but it would have to be very expensive and may have to slightly minus from the damage bounced back. I don’t know how high ranked it would get but anything over 30% chance in my opinion is getting a bit to high to completely stop and reverse the damage and would probably be very expensive in levels but take what the community says in general not just people who write LOADS like me. Right that’s 30 minutes of my life gone.

  • Kalina Andrew

    They should add diorite, andesite, and granite slabs. Also maybe if you are swinging the mouse down when you click to attack with a sword, it should have a different animation and do more damage, and do that for left, right and upwards too

    • Kalina Andrew

      Also add crossbow, longbow, shortbow, and recurve bow. Add poison on swords that lasts 10-30 hits. Sticks should do two damage, for the shield added, it should be raised over the head when you press shift

    • Kalina Andrew

      dual wielding like those mods, but only 1 slot each side for a shield and sword.
      Throwing knives that can be reused!
      Special knives to get more meat off animals!
      Explosive arrows!
      Crawl mode to fit through 1 block gaps!
      Add weapon skill bar which lets you do more damage and hit faster!
      Add ability to climb some blocks(albeit slowly)!
      Add special attacks like whirlwind (spinning using heavy weapon), stab(close quarters),
      more damage for headwounds!
      Throwable TNT grenades!

  • Rednas20

    wow thats nice!

  • austin4302

    I am a big pvp lover because i have goten very good at it, already its more than just who can click the fastest. U can atract and u can do crits not by chance waivers would be cool but what i realy hate is thos cowardly sniper, just camping in the back or just spaming with a bow. I id like to see sheild that can block arrows and maby do a little in melee combat. I mean realy, ppl being teams of 4-7 just to easly kill me solo a lot for reveng is enough. I dont need thos snipers targeting me too!

    • austin4302

      Im just fixing some words auto correct messed up(its realy bad here liek changing big to can) first one is u can straf second is quivers it said waivers and kill me solo to get revenge

  • Allen Trent Wilson

    I want an animation where if your sword is in your hot bar, it is sheathed in your side if you are not holding it

  • Alex715

    Add new weapons and Armour like an emerald set or a prisimarine set please listen to me

    • Alex715

      I am so excited for this update i think they should skip 1.8 and go to 1.9 now!

  • Magas2003

    I Would Like A New Update On Minecraft (PC) Like 1.9: Just Because Of New Stuff And Other Cool Things! Do Something About That Update…

  • Magas2003

    Playing On Easy Is Bad For You! You Have To Do Some Extreme!

  • Pottery TNT

    They are adding shields, left hands, new arrows, new blocks, possible new mobs, enderdragon respawnable etc. Search on youtube!

  • Jonathan

    Does anyone know what this is? I saw it in a unrendered chunk in minecraft pe 0.11.0 alpha it looks like it was holding a redstone block.

  • Jonathan

    Or a flaming arrow

  • Ricky Sala


  • Jake Rosenfeld

    When making the update there needs to be a balance no op weapons like crazy craft or not like really annoyingly difficult
    You need right in the middle eg. A long bow shoots farther but has a downside like worse accuracy or weaker you just need the sense of balance

  • BoB

    I’m alright with it, as long as there is no blood, guns or anything.

  • Enderpuss

    Berrys must be added like doonkleberrys or poison berrys

  • Enderpuss

    How about a use for the dragon egg like the nether star does

  • TradeMaster3625

    what the date that 1.9 comes out

  • TradeMaster3625

    they should make like bandits with leather jackets and they are sitting around a campfire in the snowy mountains or on the grass biomes

  • hodori

    Removing Blocking will ruin practically all servers on MC. Great job Mojang/Microsoft for planning to ruin the game

  • Trent

    I like the idea of it harder and double hands it makes sense bc minecraft is to easy right now Everyone who disagrees with this i disagree with them!

  • Danwib

    It would be cool if they added in more animations and movements like in the smart moving mod

  • aldrum01

    my first minecraftworld was on hardcore

  • Jj

    well i think spam attacks should be removed right now combat is based on how fast you can click

  • Anonymous

    Well I’d better hope for the best. I can’t wait for 1.9 to come out o-o It’s been … Idk how much months.

  • CalMess

    I have a few recommendations for the update 1: new weapons throwing knives spears battle axes and broad swords (make them slower but longer range and more power) 2. better dessert temples I would like 1.9 to add Boobie traps like in the jungle temple 3. Dual wielding i would LOVE to see dual wielding weapons it would make combat a lot better please consider my ideas

  • CalMess

    And one more idea how about if you use 5 nether stars on dragon egg it spawns a rideable pet dragon?

  • kaaskop

    Will there be a storyline mode in singleplayer?

  • Ben

    I think the wait should be shorter. It’s been FOREVER since 1.8 came out, and I’m getting impatient

  • Devin

    They should add new creative weapons that use more materials such as emeralds or red stone etc. Also a new boss would add a lot more drive to the game


    Is it going to be on ps4 the new update


    When is the update release for ps4

  • Hairybackdad

    Add new sords and armor and the sord that’s really tall.I really want this update today or tomorrow.

  • WeaponXx

    I am very excited about the dual combat

  • dylancraft04

    what i want to know is when THE FUDGE IS 1.9 GONNA BE REALEASED! and also I’m a mine craft pro i usually play on hard they should make a easy mode for not experienced players and an ultra mega mobs every where like they can break blocks and its just a rampage where you need a castle with traps and stuff

  • notellingue

    i want custom players (npc’s), portable crafting and cooking

  • notellingue

    i also want vegitarian villagers


    what if they made h#ll and heaven armor the all diffrent buff h#ll armor would where ever u go whould make a lava and a nether brick trail same with heaven armor but wight and yellow woll and it waold make wool clouds :] that would be amazing :D




    they should add guns really they have amm witch is snowballs but these 1s do damege12.5 damege for 1 bullet :D


    reply to this if u agree

  • joshua

    will they do dual ielding for ps3?

  • joshua

    wielding sorry? (:

  • virginia

    i am already bad with creepers just want to make us blow up everything?? combat updae is poop

  • Nevohyams

    Pvp what have you done to him!

  • Mike

    Will this be coming to ps4?!

    • joshua

      mojang and 4J need to bring update out everybody’s waiting and we have waited a month now combat update is not poop

  • Ricardo Sanchez (aweasome mine

    Maybe have someting like if you constantly keep hitting someone a bar goes up and the higher it is the faster you can swing and make it so if like one second passes the bar goes down to 0, or make it so you constantly have to keep hitting people to keep it up,and if someone hits a shield it automatically set the bar to zero.

  • Random Guy

    Well I have been looking foword to the new portal and the potion arrows but i don’t really want the 2 arms if you could you should do a disable Botton otherwise It will drive many people away ??? in my opinion that would be a good update oh and I love the minecraft Pe update it’s really good but you should add redstone

  • JAYC

    The cooldown on hitting is a bad idea, pvpers like me and others that jitterclick(11 clicks per sec) will never play this version if you keep that in there

  • Austin

    im never goona play 1.9 ever again i hate it im sticking with 1.8
    why microsoft why did you ruin the game OMG fix it

  • Deimos The Badass

    How can they said that they won’t ruin it?! They killed the PvP which is my most favorite activity in Minecraft! And they just murdered the God’s apple! Jeb and Adam are ruining the game! Bring back Notch!

  • Deimos The Badass

    I’m NOT being very hostile to Mojang but they just ruining the game! I’m quitting Minecraft! I’ll sold my Minecraft to Mojang and bring them back mah chips!

  • John Little


  • TheGreyWolf

    To be honest, I don’t like the new update that is coming. It’s too big of a step from the fun little game of minecraft to a game with vast possibilities such as dual wielding swords (you can’t even use both of them) and having shields. There are also a few of the most pointless mobs being added. Although the new selection of potions that will be available to us, I preferred the days when a new update meant more blocks or a new useful mob, not stuff like this.

    • Danklord

      I agree. The new potions would be enough, but adding dual wielding and shields isn’t something I want.

  • Jbulette

    Pvp is extremely popular the way it is on minecraft, and some of my favorite faction servers are already saying they will use the command blocks to turn off cooldowns when they update to 1.9. Please dont add cooldowns, i promise you will make a lot of people quit.

  • Jbulette

    Or… They can just keep everything the same, but add an ultra hard mode, which would satisfy us hardcore gamers and still keep the others. But the game is easy right now, and if anything i dont think making it harder would drive them away, it would keep them more entertained

  • jake

    Personally, they should focus more on putting pistons in Minecraft pe

  • Brady Potter

    I was wondering if this update was going to be on console or just pc

  • Austin Bruckner

    Pvp is the main concern. Uhc will be completely ruined by the sword cool down. Uhc is all about fast paced combat and sword combos. (if you are not sure what I’m talking about watch a uhc highlights by the YouTube huahwi or bluedeww) there are many very skilled pvpers out there. There is a lot more to it that just clicking your left mouse over and over holding a sword. Pvp not is fast paced, very fun to watch, and takes a lot of talent to do well in. The cool down wayyy over simplifies it and makes combat very tedious, long, and boring. Imagine how long a badlion combo ladder fight would take? Or a factions fight when everyone has full protection 4 armour? These fights already take a long time. Now they would take literal years since you can only get one hit off in a second. Fights won’t be about skill since all you can do is trade equal hits over and over. It will only be about who has better gear.

  • Jay

    When will it be out

  • Walter

    The cooldown effect kills the pvp and combat mechanics. The removal of enchanted notch apples recipe was a shock to me.

  • Bob Johnson

    I think we NEED to only update a little but with a few extra ranged weapons. These should be crossbows, and trebuchets and catapults as well. This way, TNT cannons wouldn’t be the only way to create destruction; TNT is very expensive. We definitely do NOT need to have guns, rockets, it any thing else that would completely change Minecraft. I agree with others in the WASD controls for a horse, and we should add weapons for horseback such as lances, spears, and faster firing bows. My last change should be that if the owner of a single-player world or server dislikes some of these changes on this, or other updates, the owner should be able to toggle on/off these changes. I thank Dinnerbone, for letting us give suggestions.

    • DaBomb

      yes! i totally agree w/ u. Just add that we need more food. Like I think we need onions + other cool veggies.

      • TheMedievalNerd

        I agree with both of you, but keep in mind that we should have shields. We can design a banner, or even download a family crest (if we have one) then put that on our shield. We need to make Minecraft more Medieval!

  • William Weidman

    Its not so much as to make it HARDER,just make to where along with the vast world of minecraft,you have the nether,and the ender AND another NEW dimension maybe??? It would sure make me drop work and do a new world and do it all over again just to have that feeling again…

  • Julian

    Hey mojang team imthink in Minecraft Xbox one you should add guns,grenades, nukes,and cars for a city I’m coin and a video plz release on April 12, 2016

  • Julian


  • Yahir_Benitez

    I’ve seen my brother play minecraft since it started, I also play it I’ve seen minecraft evolve and grow to be an amazing game I highly dough Mojang will ruin minecraft in 1.9

  • MC LEX

    Ever time i log onto a server my minecraft crashes any ides

  • jam

    is it on ps4

  • Hi

    Playing games isn’t fun anymore. Usually we could like, have contests on spamming buttons to kill each other and now, it’s difficult to even kill a sheep. I know the idea but is it THAT necessary? -sure people might say it is, but people gotta look at this at a young child’s perspective. First initial response, is to spam click the button so fast, now it’s click…… why bother timing it? Maybe if there’s a difficulty or something that can remove it and the armour thing. When I first saw 1.9, I though it was fun, till I looked at the added stuff. Come on guys. I know there are people there who agree with me, feel free to argue as hard as u want, it’s ur opinion, no one should have a problem with mine either :) Spread peace not war

  • Red-_-Monkey

    This makes single player survival just awful, the weapons have been nerfed and mobs are OP. Sprint attacks sucks, Diamond swords are barely better than iron, creepers eat through Armour and I’M ALWAYS HUNGRY

  • My opinion you should have an option for each world to have the PVP changes (And an option to do it in an regon of a would)

  • John Love

    I can no longer play the game the mobs seem to appear from no where so fighting one is challenging hard but fun however I seem to have the issue 9 time out of ten now that if Im fighting 1 and the are none around 6 or 7 show up from nowhere no this game has become impossible to play unless you play in creative! Am I the only one have this issue! My most favorite game of all time is turning into crap! HELP!

  • The Man

    The new 1.9 combat totally blows. I hope someone writes a mod soon to fix it back to the way it should be, if they don’t I’m gonna have to learn how to write mods and do it myself because 1.9 is unplayable for me.

  • I have singleplayer set to Easy but still frequently get overwhelmed by enemies. When did mc become hardcore by default? Basically the only way I’m getting by is by using keepInventory and using tp commands.

  • John

    i think 1.9 combat update ruined minecraft, i play mainly multiplayer servers, and the game mode i mainly play is survival games. However ever since the 1.9 combat update I have NOT played at all. This update ruined combat, survival games, and minecraft overall for me. Please fix it, I loved playing minecraft survival games before and i miss it… please fix it.

  • Scott

    Minecraft 1.9 also has a bad lag issue for entering a second world

  • Scott Marino

    This Update ruined the game totally and completely. and i can tell you why in the first hour of playing a new world i created just to test the update out:
    I loaded a random seed and started. I grabbed the bonus chest and started hunting for either the plains or the mountains. (i started off in the desert). I soon found myself at the second night without building a house or even a dirt hole in the ground. Not a problem, I figured id kill a few Mobs, grab some loot then i dropped dead. i re-spawned and went exploring again, wondering what happened. But i was smart, i built a stone sword before i adventured out. I encounters a skeleton, not an issue, i knew that it would take about 6 hits from a stone sword to kill it. Well now it seems that they cannot miss and with the new cool down addition it took me over 20 hits to kill it, just to die when another skeleton walked over and killed me.
    I hate this “update”. as soon as i could i reverted back to 1.8.9 just to i could play the damn game again.

  • michael felder

    The new combat update where you can only hit every 2 seconds is fucking annoying.

  • Hurricraig

    Is 1.9 coming to console editions and if so when might we see it?

  • Rudolf

    Why didn’t 1.9 update to the consle please this is 2016 I waited so long in ps4

  • brotatochip

    Im coming from the PvP side of mc, all i have to say is people who dont like the update are good PvPrs and have XP, the people who like it are people that dont know how to PvP and or are bad at PvP and now that no one else knows how to PvP, we all suck and now they can play with out any work

  • Luke Binkofsky

    It should be called the “End Update”

  • ProfessoWaffles

    I have played minecraft since the 4th grade. I have grown to love the game and would appreciate it. If mojang could get their head out of there rear ends, And change the attack back to how it was in 1.8. I believe it was better in playing games like hunger games, skywars, egg wars, and etc. I also think survival is worse now because you also added shields and this new delay hitting. It’s not that I think its to easy or to hard I just don’t like this big change from spam hitting to delay hitting. For me this new delay hitting is a punch right in the face, I never thought in 1.9 they would change something so BIG in the game, especially because Microsoft just bought mojang. This is my opinion about this new update, and I hope mojang will read my opinion and have the same thoughts.

  • Lee Maager

    I want 1.8.9 Become 1.9 UPDATE automaincally from within. Take Combat Out and Called it something else like Time Travel/Time Machine UPDATE by going back to year of 2009 and than to year of 2017 to see How Play Tutorial get started this is what Mojang Should be focus on. :From Notch to Jeb/New Developer it has been four Years for Jeb Since 2012.I want see How Minecraft really started Precambian to Anthropcene {year of 2017}

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