Attack of the Fanboy

More Evidence in the Case of God of War 4

by William Schwartz


God of War 4 could be coming in 2012.  That is of course if a recent listing posted by a New Zealand based retailer holds any weight.  Mighty Ape recently posted a listing for God of War 4, with a 2012 release date attached as a guide for consumers.

This isn’t the first we’ve heard about God of War 4.  There have been rumors circulating about the development ever since a Sony Santa Monica job listing surfaced that was hiring for an unannounced God of War game.

The reports are somewhat conflicting at this point.  While God of War 4 seems like a natural next step for the developer, they’ve been vocal about the conclusion of the trilogy in their 2010 release.  Could it be a spinoff of the classic franchise, or will SSM throw caution to the wind and continue with a fourth title?

It’s all just rumors and speculation at this point, but the established online retailer seems to think we’ll be seeing something as early as next year.

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