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Mortal Kombat X Achievements Have Leaked

by Dean James


We are finally in the homestretch for Mortal Kombat X, with the release less than a month away. With that impending release, it is pretty common to see the full achievement or trophy list leak for the game, which is exactly what has happened.

The full achievement list for Xbox One and Xbox 360 has now leaked, courtesy of Exophase  Typically achievement lists give us a little bit of a glimpse into what we can expect, sometimes unveiling some new information or characters we didn’t know about. However, this time it sadly does not really reveal anything that we didn’t already know. Regardless, you can check out the full list of them below.

Achievement NameHow to UnlockGamerscore Points
Tower KompetitorComplete a single Tower10G
Tower WarriorComplete a Tower with every character25G
Tower MasterComplete 10 Living Towers25G
Tower GodComplete 50 Living Towers25G
Challenge AcceptedWin a single Tower Challenge10G
BUDDY!!!Send a Tower Challenge to a friend10G
Pledge YourselfReach level 5 in any faction5G
Faction ChampionReach level 50 in any faction25G
No LoyaltyReach level 50 in all factions75G
Jump ShipBecome a member of every faction10G
Time OutWin a match by time out10G
Keep It SecretFind a secret fight in the Living Towers25G
Statistical AdvantageView Kombat Kard5G
Moving UpReach personal level 10 in XP5G
Elder GodReach personal level 65 in XP50G
A New BeginningComplete 50% of Story Mode10G
There is a RulerComplete 100% of Story mode25G
Inner StrengthWin 1 complete online match10G
Return KustomerPlay 100 complete online matches25G
RoyaltyWin 5 complete Regular King of the Hill matches5G
Good to be KingWin 1 complete Regular King of the Hill match5G
Giving RespectGive Respect points in a King of the Hill match5G
Respected FighterEarn 1,000 Respect points25G
Terrifying EncounterConfront a beast within the Krypt50G
I’m number 1Win 1 Tower Battle10G
JuggernautWin 5 Tower Battles25G
A KontenderComplete 1 Tower Battle10G
Bill of GoodsWin 1 complete match in Survivor King of the Hill5G
Dropping FoolsReach a 10 complete game win streak in Ranked 1v1 matches10G
Hit the DojoEnter Practice Mode5G
UnstoppablePlay 200 complete online matches50G
That’s How You Do ItComplete Tutorial5G
KnockoutPerform a 10 hit combo with every character25G
FINISH HIMPerform 1 Fatality in a match5G
Bloody Good TimePerform a Fatality in a match with every character10G
Straight PowerPerform 100 Fatalities in matches25G
Brutal EndPerform 1 Brutality5G
Dark FuturePerform 50 Brutalities25G
Need a DoctorPerform every character’s X-Ray25G
MasterWin a single complete match with every character variation25G
Only a Real MasterBeat an opponent while they still have 90% health and you have 10% or less health remaining25G
Well RoundedPlay every character variation25G
It’s a GusherSpill 1,000 pints of blood10G
Blanche AdvantageHit someone with the old lady Level Interaction25G
Hara KiriKill yourself with Kotal Kohn for 1 round and win the match10G
Back It UpEquip a new Background image5G
Real IconEquip a new Icon5G
So BoredEquip a new Border5G
Jumping BeanJump 30 times in 1 match5G
TrollingDuck 30 times during Fatality sequence5G
All the PiecesEquip a Background, Icon and Border set5G
Luck Be a LadyPlay 7 complete Test Your Luck matches10G
The KollectorUnlock 50 Kustom Kombat Modifiers50G
DiscoCreate a sun ray with Kotal Kohn and perform a flip stance 5 times while in the ray10G
AlmightyComplete a Test Your Might Tower10G
Not Dead YetSee all Test Your Might deaths10G
Stay BackPlay an Invasion Boss Fight5G
DIE WILL YOUDeal 1,000 total hits during Invasion Boss Fights50G
INVASIONComplete an Invasion Tower10G
Can’t Stop ThisWin an Invasion 1v1 fight5G

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