Attack of the Fanboy

Most Popular PUBG Streamer Banned For a Month For Cheating

This fantastic voyage ends in a one month ban for popular streamer.

by William Schwartz


The most popular PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds Streamer, Michael “Shroud” Grzesiek, has been banned from the game for a month.  The ban was handed down to Shroud after an incident where the popular streamer teamed up with players in the Battle Royale title to cheat in the game.

The incident was broadcast to Grzesiek’s massive following on Twitch, which seemed to polarize the community of the top streamer.

In response to the ban, Grzesiek said “I was trying to have a good time.  Obviously I knew what the fuck I was doing.  It seemed like a great idea, but it wasn’t a great idea.  I’m sorry to you guys that are really upset, I was just trying to have some fun.  I knew exactly what was doing and making a mistake.  I can still play PUBG, I just can’t play on my account.”

So what did Shroud do to get banned by PUBG Corp?  Apparently someone hacked the PUBG client to allow for flying cars in the game.  Shroud teamed up with the hacker in a way where he was being dropped off in different points on the map by the flying car.  If that sounds outrageous, it’s because it really is.  Just have a look at the video below.

Unfortunately, the state of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is that the game’s anti-cheat measures are so poor that players can use flying cars in the game at this point.  Regardless of whether Grzesiek was just having a little fun or not, he’s easily one of the most recognizable faces of the game, pulling in tens of thousands of viewers for his PUBG streams, plays the game competitively, and recently was part of a skin promotion with the developer, so it’s easy to see why PUBG Corp. wouldn’t want him promoting cheating in a game that’s had it’s fair share of trouble in this area.

During the downtime, it looks like the streamer will be heading to Rainbow Six Siege for his viewers.

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