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New DCUO Halls Of Power Part 1 Content Coming


DC Universe Online is set to show off the 11th set of free DCUO content for it’s paid players and purchasable content for everyone else. DCUO Halls Of Power Part 1 is set to release later this summer across Playstation and PC.

The new content will feature a brand new storyline featuring New Gods of Apokolips and New Genesis as they search for powerful ancient relics of a bygone age. There will also be new Raids, Alerts and Operations and for the first time New League Halls which will be introduced prior to the DCUO Halls Of Power Part 1 update as a free update to all.

The storyline is as follows:

Darkseid’s son, Kalibak, and the villainous Mantis have called upon the agents of Darkseid to delve beneath the surfaces of New Genesis and Apokolips to help them retrieve powerful ancient relics for a dark purpose. The heroic Mister Miracle and fierce Big Barda have assembled a force together in an effort to stop them.

This is the first time in DCUO that players will be able to fight against and alongside heroes and villains from the Fourth World such as Kalibak, Mantis, Mister Miracle and Big Barda. Six new skill points will be available to earn and of course new DLC means new collections, feats, gear and base items to earn and unlock.

DCUO Halls Of Power Part 1 is set to release later this summer.

- This article was updated on:August 6th, 2014

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