New Genshin Impact Dehya Leak Features a Full Look at Her Elemental Burst State and More

The Blazing Lioness takes on the field!

by Franklin Bellone Borges

The beta for Genshin Impact‘s upcoming version 3.5 just started and leaks regarding the still-in-progress kits of the game’s upcoming playable characters continue to surface daily. With that said, as fans continue to discuss her multipliers and abilities, a new Dehya leak surfaced, this time as a video containing a full showcase of her abilities.

The video, revealed by known leaker dimbreath through Twitter, confirms the already reliable overview of her kit, all while also giving fans a full look at her idles, exclusive normal attacks, Elemental Skill, and Elemental Burst animations. The video also features her full moveset while in her Blazing Lioness state, which will be triggered by her Burst.

Genshin Impact Dehya Leaks

As you can check out in the video below, courtesy of the Genshin Impact Leaks subreddit, while in her Blazing Lioness state, Dehya will perform a fast series of Flame-Mane First strikes, each dealing high amounts of Elemental Burst Pyro Damage. At the end of the Burst uptime, she will then perform her Incineration Dive Kick for an extra layer of elemental damage.

You can check out a full overview of Dehya’s leaked abilities, talents, and constellations, as well as her release date on our Genshin Impact Dehya | Elemental Skill, Burst, Talents, Constellations, Release Date, and More article.

Genshin Impact Dehya: Understanding Her Role and Playstyle

According to the leaks as well as our own thoughts on the subject, Dehya will very likely be a Sub/Burst-DPS whose main source of damage will lie on her Elemental Burst. She will also be able to mitigate the damage suffered by the on-field character through the use of her Elemental Skill, the latter of which will also allow her to deal periodical amounts of Pyro damage.

Overall, she will play out like the Raiden Shogun, where you will need to quickly switch to perform her Elemental Skill and then only send her back to the field once her Elemental Burst is fully charged.

Genshin Impact is currently available for PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and mobile devices. 

- This article was updated on January 19th, 2023