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News On Ultimate Team Changes In Madden 17

by Damian Seeto


EA Sports has posted an overview of the features of Ultimate Team in Madden 17. Some of the features are the same while one change has been made.

EA described all of the changes they have made on the Madden 17 website. Several improvements have been made to ‘Solo Challenges’and ‘Chemistry’ is back and has been remade. The biggest change is to H2H Unlimited Events. You can read about the new things below.

H2H Unlimited Events has replaced H2H Seasons in Madden Ultimate Team. This will be the place to go when you want to play against another human opponent with anyone in your lineup with no restrictions. Playing in H2H Unlimited Events does put you in MUT’s Event structure but does not cost a ticket to play. The Event structure for H2H Unlimited Events does vary from Draft Champions Ranked and Salary Cap Ranked as you will have the opportunity to earn 10 wins before reaching 2 losses.

H2H Unlimited Events also comes with a new leaderboard that takes a more competitive rank approach instead of how many coins you have earned in the mode. Additionally, the leaderboard displays what tier (Rookie 1st String, Pro 2nd String, etc.) you are in based on your performance. Lastly, by utilizing our Event structure we get vastly improved matchmaking. For all of these reasons, we’re excited with the changes coming in Madden NFL 17!”

Lastly, Madden 17 has Alternate Uniforms in Ultimate Team. It will also include “rarely seen CFM relocation uniforms”. The expanded uniforms allow players to customize their teams in many more unique ways.

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