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Night On Endor Update Heading to Star Wars Battlefront 2 on April 18th

Microtransactions for appearance items will make their debut with 50 skins to unlock as well.

by William Schwartz


A new update is heading to Star Wars Battlefront 2 on April 18th titled Night on Endor. The new update will feature a limited-time mode, and special appearance items that can be unlocked during the event with Crystals or Credits.

The new mode is called “Ewok Hunt Mode” and it’s going to pit the Ewoks against Imperials. The set-up for the mode sounds like the the Ewoks will be defending their home of Endor in a nighttime ambush of the Stormtroopers that have invaded their land. In the mode, players will start as either an Ewok or in a group of Stormtroopers. As each Stormtrooper is defeated they’ll spawn as an Ewok until all Stormtroopers have been eliminated.

The April 18th update for Battlefront 2 will also see the return of Crystals. This marks the return of the initially controversial microtransactions for the game that were shelved just hours before release. Since then, the system has been changed considerably. With Crystals returning to the game, players can purchase the currency with real world cash and use them to purchase cosmetic items. These in-game items are limited to Appearance items only.

The update will bring about the release of 50 different appearance options to the game. These items can be purchased with either Crystals purchased as a microtransaction or through Credits that are earned in game.

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