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Nintendo: “Breath of the Wild” is Final Wii U Game

| January 19, 2017

Nintendo: "Breath of the Wild" is Final Wii U Game News Nintendo  WIIU Nintendo Switch Nintendo

The writing has been on the wall for a while now, but Nintendo has made it official: the next Zelda game is the final Nintendo-produced title for the Wii U.

Speaking with Polygon after the Nintendo Switch event in New York City last week, Nintendo of America President Reggie Fils-Aime confirmed that The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is in fact the Wii U’s swan song. Nintendo is now focusing its console gaming efforts exclusively on the Switch, which is set for a March 3rd launch alongside its own version of the game.

“From a first-party standpoint, there’s no new development coming,” Fils-Aime said. “We really are at the end of life for Wii U.” However, the company plans to continue supporting the console’s online service for the time being, he pointed out.

“The ongoing activity from an online standpoint on [Mario] Kart and Splatoon is significant. We’re going to continue to support that.”

Having Breath of the Wild as a “last hurrah” is an admirable way for the Wii U to ride into the sunset, many would say. The console launched in late 2012 with a fairly decent lineup and has had some gems, but many of those were first-party offerings like Super Mario 3D World or the remasters of The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess or The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker.  

Third-party support was substantial at launch, but developers quickly backed out when the console failed to take off from a sales perspective. The console’s lack of power, when compared to the competing PS4 and Xbox One, was cited as one factor for its failure to gain ground. The other factor was poor marketing, as many consumers – and even some members of the gaming press – were confused as to whether the Wii U was a new console or just another add-on in a long line of Wii products that shared the Wii name.

So far about 13.36 million Wii U consoles have been sold through last September.

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  • Allen

    It really sucks that they didn’t put more on the WiiU. It’s a fantastic console but every time they announced something good it was for 3DS. Even the Switch they didn’t have the foresight to allow it to play 3DS games. That just boggles my mind.

    • Alex Boyar

      Allen, would you rather play Zelda 3ds on the go, or Zelda BotW on the go? I’m fine without the ability. After all, that’s why I bought a 3DS. Also, Skyrim

      • Allen

        Of course BotW is an amazing game to play on the go. I’m not much of a mobile gamer though, I’ll set up my laptop in the lunch room every once in a while but other than that the only mobile place I play is waiting rooms. My comment was more to the tone that 3DS has an impressive library and games like Steel Diver I want to play but is only available on 3DS. With Switch’s weak launch line up it sure would be nice to play 3DS and Switch games at launch.

  • Guest

    Just shows how much they lied to us.
    This was not suppose to be the end of the wii U. The “NX” was not replacing the wii U.

    They haven’t done enough to convince me to get a switch and stuff like this doesn’t make me want to support it.

    • Alex Boyar

      Honestly, you’d rather they continue putting games out when ANYTHING out now would basically fry the console? Think about why you don’t see the realistic graphics on Nintendo. Now look at how they failed to utilize it. Now tell me you’d rather they continue to use something tried and failed, compared to trying something new and not know what was gunna happen. Wii, anyone?

      • Guest

        What I don’t like is being lied to. They started talking about NX like what? 2 years ago? They told us the NX will not replace the wii U. The software support to the wii U dried up as they focussed on amiibos. For me they pulled a MS with the end of the 360 era.
        I’m not saying I’m never going to get a switch, all I’m saying is that right now they don’t have my support…

        The thing about trying to innovate is that it means taking the risk that it’ll fail as it might not be for everyone. Nintendo is great at making games. Personally, I don’t think it’s a bad idea if they take a break from making hardware products and it would be better for them and gamers if they make games on other platforms…

        I would rather see them investing in games than on innovation on home consoles that seems to convince less and less people…

      • MattTech

        I moved over to Playstation, and that’s where I am probably going to stay. Nintendo lied to us about the Wii U throughout it’s ENTIRE life span. They promised third party, that dried up after year 1. They promised every game would support the pro controller: they don’t, some games REQUIRE that gamepad. They told us they’d bring in more for us adult gamers, they gave us Bayonetta 2 and virtually nothing else. They promised that NX wouldn’t kill the Wii U off and be a replacement, flat out lied there. They didn’t even price drop the Wii U its ENTIRE lifespan.

        I can’t put faith in them when they lied so much about the Wii U. They need to rebuild my trust before I dump anymore hard earned bucks into their systems.

        • harlemsfinest027

          It is absolutely ridiculous that the WiiU is STILL $300!!!!

  • S. Cruz

    Damn shame, and they are making the same mistakes with the switch plus more insane ones. Sadly Nintendo will eventually go the sega route and publish their library on Xbox and PlayStation.

    • Guest

      “Sadly Nintendo will eventually go the sega route and publish their library on Xbox and PlayStation.”
      I don’t know if it’ll be sad thing for gaming and gamers.

      • Alex Boyar

        It’ll be incredibly sad! Everything we have now from Sony and Microsoft CAME from Nintendo’s innovation. Point out some things and I’ll gladly show you why it’ll be sad if Nintendo never did it

        • Allen

          I wouldn’t say that at all. PlayStation is only here because Nintendo didn’t want to put the optical disk drive in their console. PlayStation has led the way on a lot of different things, I would even give a nod to Xbox for a couple of things (small things like trophies/achievements and cross game chat). Of course props to Nintendo for all they have done as well and I hope to never see a day were there isn’t a Nintendo home console.

          • S. Cruz

            Do we give them credit for online console gaming? They did help sega do it for the dreamcast as well as dreamcast running a version of windows to help accomplish online console gaming.

            Also xbox first console to do broadband out the box no add-on (but need one for DVD playback…MS idiots lol)

          • Allen

            I wouldn’t say Microsoft helped Sega with online at all and definitely would not put online console gaming to Xbox in any way shape or form. There are several different ways consoles were online gaming way before Xbox.

            Also PS2’s online play launched in Japan in July 2001 where as Xbox was released November 2001.

            The only thing I can give credit to Xbox for in terms of online gaming is a $180/year price tag to play online now for gamers that play all games like me.


          • S. Cruz

            Ms helped Sega with dreacast first online console. Sonys psn was limited on ps2 (miss solcom) Xbox live revolutionized console gaming online. introduced broadband gsming not dial up modem as innps2

          • Allen

            If you looked at the link I posted.

            “The first home console with built-in internet connection, the Apple Pippin, was launched in 1996. However, its $599 price tag kept it from effectively competing with other internet gaming options (by comparison, the Sega Saturn and its separately sold Netlink device combined cost less than $400)”

            And there was all sorts of console online gaming before all that.

            And even if Microsoft helped Sega with their online gaming it was Sega…long before Xbox and the evil invention of a paid online play subscription service that literally did nothing but paywall basic features, apps and online play…and birth the requirement for a subscription for online play on all consoles bringing big gamers like me to have to pay $180 per freaking year just to play online…something I had been doing for years on PC and was every bit as smooth & lag free on PSN.

            Sorry but hell no. Xbox does not get credit for console online gaming. I gave credit where credit is due. Microsoft showed their true colors when they brought online gaming to their console though. Thank god Sony at least made these things valuable (something I’m not sure Nintendo has learned yet).

          • S. Cruz

            Okay well that’s your choice Xbox live brought a lot to console games. I get it paid online bugs you and most, but innovation and advancement of technology cost, I.e ps1 with cd player, ie ps2 dvd player, ps3 blu ray player. I mean sony didn’t have to charge for psn, what you going to blame Xbox for them charging…they didn’t charge for ps3 so what made them do it for ps4? Sony,Ms, and Nintendo about making money for them. 

            Fyi…in no way am I disagreeing with what you said or saying your are wrong or am I angry or anything else. Just a simple discussion

          • Allen

            You are cool dude. Good discussion and I respect your opinion as well.

            IMO Sony only came up with the online paywall due to the success of XBL.

            Just look at PS3, it’s like Sony made this massive investment and gamers just abandoned them for Xbox, particularly in the US. I will say that arriving a year late and at $600 added to that but still, as Sony said at PS3 announcement its “an investment”.

            – Wifi since launch
            – Bluetooth controllers with gyro and recharge batteries.
            – BluRay/3D BluRay
            – Free online play like every other platform (other than Xbox)
            – Other OS
            – Media card readers
            – Auto connects to Win 7/8 PC as home media server.

            The PS3 was a massive entertainment powerhouse. Sony did make a huge investment to bring all this advanced technology to the console.

            But instead the majority of US gamers went with the feature lacking & worthless paywall XBL. I’m sure it hurt their feelings honestly. Coming off PS2 and 150 million+ in sales to really struggling.

            Anyways what company is going to invest all that and be in their financial hardship with these unappreciative gamers while they watch their competition rake in 4.8 Billion a year and give nothing for it and not consider implementing it too.

            As I keep saying, I’m just glad PS+ literally gives over $1000 in free games a year, or it would be PC only for me.

          • Tga215

            Still gotta be kicking Nintendo for not partnering with Sony

          • Allen

            IDK, I really like the respective ways they have gone. Sony always pushes the envelope and Nintendo always tries to do something unique. I appreciate Xbox too because they keep Sony on their toes (Nintendo doesn’t give Sony enough competition).

        • S. Cruz

          No not everything, but nintendo is the only company to take chances with the status quo of console gaming. I respect that from nintendo. I just feel like they don’t plan everything out well, you launch the switch in the fall with Zelda, Mario, arms, Mario cart, and a few others….that would have be great, even if the Scorpio is launching then.

      • S. Cruz


    • Bartholomew Allen

      Would it be wrong for a company that possesses intellectual property (Mario, Donkey Kong, Starfox, Zelda, etc.) to sell that to about 10x the potential audience by marketing Playstation and Xbox versions of the games? I’m only seeing money to be made here, and a much larger audience that could appreciate those games.

      • S. Cruz

        Not at all I’m not talking about software sales this but your point is absolutely correct. I’m more talking about hardware, Nintendo has done a lot to move gaming in New yet sometimes weird directions. I.E. Rumble, analog stick, motion. That’s what I mean as far as sad. They for better or worse think outside the box, where as ms and don’t…power more power.

        • Bartholomew Allen

          Hardware is a money-losing business. It’s widely acknowledged that Sony & Microsoft do not make money on hardware and instead profit from software (games). Nintendo made money on the Wii because the hardware specs weren’t so advanced that it was expensive or cutting-edge technology, so they made a small profit on each Wii sold. The Wii U didn’t sell enough to make Nintendo money in any manner, but I don’t think it was a profitable console on a per-unit basis. Who knows what the Switch will be like for hardware cost/price. I’m saying that if Nintendo were to exit the hardware business and only do intellectual property (software) on other consoles, they would continue to be a very profitable and innovative company.

          • S. Cruz

            Nintendo has never lost money on a console always sold at a profit unlike Sony and ms who take losses on each. But I get what your saying, software is the greatest way to make money but innovation is what I associate with Nintendo, their hardware risk have always been good sometimes under used, every consoles was great just now a days its all about pixels and power blah blah blah, Nintendo focused on what I considered the most important…gameplay….that’s all I meant that

  • Wrightie

    It may be worth buying a copy of this on the WIIU. If the GC version of Twilight Princess is anything to go by then in a few years time a sealed copy of BotW will be worth a nice bit of cash ££.

  • WeirdG

    Well that’s a slap in the face to loyal Nintendo customers. I don’t want to shell out $400CAD for the Switch, especially when I’d need two for the kids. Nintendo fucked up with the Switch. I’d rather buy an Android/Apple tablet than a Switch. Games are cheaper on both mobile platforms, and I can also install non-gaming apps.

    • Andrew Simpson

      umm you don’t need 2 Nintendo switches for your kids, It hooks up to your TV and you get 2 controllers. If your kids need 2 Nintendo switch consoles then they are spoiled little shits

  • Brandon Vaughn

    does this mean they won’t continue issuing Lego Dimensions figures and downloads for the WiiU

    • Andrew Simpson

      3rd party support will continue for the time being, Nintendo will not be making any more first party games for it.

  • Niraos

    What about Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night? That’s coming out in 2018? Wii U is still listed for it.

    • James Storino

      They mean final Nintendo-publlished game.

      • Niraos

        Fair enough.

  • urbanman2004

    I’m not sad to see it go nor am I looking forward to the Switch

  • Lololo

    I am excited for the Switch… But Wii U’s last game? Come on! That was a great system in my opinion, beside it being very slow. But the games? They were amazing! We’ll at least they are keeping the online support.

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