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Nintendo passing on E3 Press Conferences again


Nintendo will not hold an E3 Press Conference this year. Following the precedent that the company set last year, they’ve decided to forgo the traditional stage production for 2014. Instead, the company will focus on live streaming events, and the Super Smash Bros. Invitational.

Nintendo will be delivering their message about upcoming games through two key digital events. The first is the Nintendo Digital Event that air in the company’s traditional press conference slot. A press release from Nintendo makes it sound an awful lot like their pre-E3 showing from last year.

Shining the light on Super Smash Bros, an invite-only tournament will also be held during the expo. For those not in attendance, Super Smash Bros will also be playable at Best Buy locations across the country.

Throughout the show, Nintendo will be broadcasting live via The Nintendo Treehouse.

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