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Nintendo Switch Features a 32GB Hard-Drive with Expandable SD Card Support

by Kyle Hanson


The Nintendo Switch will feature 32GB of internal hard-drive space (it may not be an actual hard-drive, but internal space of some sort) according to the official features page put up by Nintendo after the reveal event concluded. If that seems small to you, well, that’s because it kind of is. Most modern consoles feature 500GB or more of hard-drive space, but they aren’t portable, of course, so some consideration is required here. Thankfully, you aren’t stuck at 32GB, as the Nintendo Switch will also support micro-SD cards, allowing you to add possible hundreds of GBs worth of extra space.

The official description reads: “32GB of internal memory, a portion of which is reserved for use by the system. Users can easily expand storage space using microSDXC cards.”

That will come at a pretty steep price, but if you want to double, or even triple the hard-drive capacity of your Nintendo Switch, that won’t be too costly. 32GB and 64GB micro-SD cards aren’t too expensive these days, and allow you to swap them, if you require more space, or are just fickle about how you organize things.

One other thing to keep in mind is that the Nintendo Switch acts very much like a 3DS, in that it allows players to buy their games in physical form via cartridges. While you might not want to tote them around all the time, it will save you tons of hard-drive space. I’m guessing you won’t want to download Skyrim to your Nintendo Switch’s main drive, or even a micro-SD card, unless you have one set aside especially for it.

Either way, you have tons of options for how you handle your Nintendo Switch hard-drive space. It might be a headache to manage with it being so small right out of the gate, but with expandable SD card support, you should be in much better shape that you would be with just the console’s memory.

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