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Nintendo Switch Producer Hopes That System Will Bridge Consoles & Handhelds

by Dean James


It still remains to be seen how successful the Nintendo Switch will be upon its release next month, but there is no question that Nintendo is trying something very different. Offering both a home console and handheld in one hybrid system is very intriguing, and Nintendo is hoping it will bridge those two markets into one.

Time Magazine held a lengthy interview with Nintendo director Shinya Takahashi and Nintendo Switch producer Yoshiaki Koizumi about the upcoming release of the Switch, in which they discussed many aspects of the Switch itself.

Within that interview, they discussed the potential life cycle of the Nintendo Switch, in which Koizumi mentioned how he hopes the system will become a constant in consumer’s gaming lives.

“We’re hoping that Nintendo Switch will be a system that will be the constant in your gaming life. Whereas previously, you would play certain things on your home system and certain things on your handheld. Our hope is that Nintendo Switch can be the system that bridges both of those and becomes the constant system that you’re always using.”

Koizumi also stated that he believes that if they can market the Switch to where people will be playing at home, take it with them on the go for commutes, and then have people sitting in the bath when they get home playing the system still, that would go a long ways towards hastening the demise of the split between the idea of a home console and portable handheld.

“Certainly, I’m sure you’re very busy and I’m very busy and maybe we don’t have as much time to play games as we would like. But my hope is that with Nintendo Switch being a system that you can play at home and bring with you, we’re going to be able to find more of those moments where we’re able to play the games that we all enjoy and be able to enjoy them that much more.”

It will certainly be interesting to see if the Nintendo Switch can manage to be successful upon its launch next month on March 3, while avoiding the fate of the disappointing Wii U.

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