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No Man’s Sky Officially Delayed Until August

by Dean James


No Man’s Sky amazed us all when it was first unveiled a few years ago and has had us waiting anxiously ever since. The game has gone through a number of delays along the way, but we thought we finally had a set date in June until rumors to the contrary popped up earlier this week, but now it seems that delay is official.

The rumors that came from internal sources at GameStop just stated that the game was being delayed to potentially July or August, but we hadn’t heard any dates through those, which had us worried. However, Sean Murray of Hello Games has not only confirmed the delay on the official PlayStation blog, but also announced the new release date.

According to this listing, No Man’s Sky new official release date is set for August 9, which puts it coming a little less than two months after its originally scheduled release date of June 21.

The only disappointing thing is that many were hoping this would be a great summer game that could fill that void where there are less games, but August definitely does put it closer to the bigger release season that kicks off in September.

Though with No Man’s Sky definitely being one of the most ambitious games we’ve seen in a long time, if developer Hello Games feels like they need the extra time, it’s probably worth the delay.