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No Man’s Sky Servers Being Restarted To Combat Leaked Copies

by Damian Seeto


No Man’s Sky is out in the wild due to some retailers breaking the street date. Hello Games has confirmed they are restarting the servers just before release.

No Man’s Sky coder, Harry Denholm, posted on Twitter: “Servers are being wiped on Sunday“. This is in response to the early copies that have been released. He provided an example where Kotaku named a planet, but the website will have to create it again after release.

The server restart only affects discoveries in online storage. It won’t affect actual game saves so don’t worry about the server restart if you managed to get a copy of the game early.

Some big websites managed to buy a copy of the game at some retailers already as the street date has been broken. They didn’t specify where they got copies of the game, but it’s likely none of the big retailers broke the street date.

Everyone else including reviewers have to wait until next Tuesday in order to play the game. Hello Games specifically wanted everyone to play the game at the same time as they are busy working on the first day-one update patch. This patch will bring in some new features and fixes several bugs.

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