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Noctis Is Final Fantasy XV’s Only Playable Character

by Damian Seeto


A lot of new information has now been revealed for Final Fantasy XV over the weekend thanks to TGS. We now know more details about the game including that Noctis is the only playable character.

While speaking to 4Gamer, Final Fantasy XV’s newly appointed director Hajime Tabata had a lot to share about the game. One of which is explaining in more detail on the game’s battle system and who you get to control.

While speaking about the battle system of Final Fantasy XV, Tabata said that players “only control Noctis”. You don’t get a chance to control any other character in your party. However, you can give them orders but they mostly attack on their own. There are also no menu commands in combat. The game is like an action game, although you can switch between “offense and defense”. There are menus to either swap out weapons and give out commands and more.

Much like the recent Final Fantasy games, Final Fantasy XV enemies are roaming around freely. Tabata mentioned enemy encounters are “seamless”. It’s unlike older games in the series where you are greeted with a random battle that comes out of nowhere.

It feels like Final Fantasy XV is redefining combat in the RPG genre. It will be exciting to try it out as it does look pretty cool, even though it deviates from the series’ roots.

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