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Online Pass Inadvertently Revealed for Battlefield 3

by William Schwartz


As expected, Battlefield 3 will feature an online pass.  While DICE would prefer that you call it something else, there will be a barrier to entry for the online component of Battlefield 3 on consoles.  Today, Alan Kertz of DICE revealed that players who purchase used copies of Battlefield 3 on Xbox 360 will have the option of purchasing “an online pass” for the game.

Whatever you want to call it, you’ll need to pay up if you manage to secure a used copy of the game and want to play online.

EA was the first developer to implement an online pass system for their games, so it’s definitely no surprise that their biggest release of the year features one.  While Crytek’s EA published Crysis 2 didn’t feature an online pass, it appears that this was a one time deal for the publisher.

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