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Overwatch Halloween Terror Event Starts October 10th

by William Schwartz


The Overwatch Halloween Terror Event is slated to begin on October 10th. In a new video we get the start date for the Halloween Terror event and a sneak peek at some of the new skins that’ll be on offer during the event.

A tweet from the developers and video (below) was revealed this morning.

“The nights grow cold And monsters appear A great evil gathers And Halloween draws near…,” reads the update from @Overwatch.

It does appear that Overwatch players will get a crack at new skins for characters like Reaper, McCree and others.  Overwatch developers have come under fire during other recent events, with players saying that it takes a lot of gameplay to earn the skins that they want.

Back during the One Year Anniversary Event the forums were ablaze with complaints about how long it took to earn these loot box items in-game and whether Blizzard needed to changed the frequency with which they were being doled out.

It’s been a hot topic of late.  Loot boxes seem to be popping up in every game they can be shoehorned into.  From the most recent introduction of Loot Boxes in Forza Motorsport 7 and many other games, a stigma has become attached to the mechanic which has been said to prey on the gambler’s mentality.

Regardless, your chance to earn new skins in Overwatch will begin on October 10th when the Halloween Terror Event begins.

Halloween Terror 2017 Teaser

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