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Overwatch Loot Box Chances For Rare Event Items Being Investigated by Blizzard

by Al McCarthy


The Overwatch One Year Anniversary Event is underway and with it the opportunity to earn loot boxes that contain rare event items.  This isn’t the first event of this sort that Blizzard has had for the game, but the one year anniversary event has some special goodies for players to earn in special skins and dances for the characters.

Fans on the forums have been very vocal since the start of the event, claiming that the chances to earn event loot seem skewed against them when compared to previous events for the game.  The one year anniversary event introduced over one hundred new cosmetic items including legendary skins and other rarities.  With a limited time to earn them, it’s understandable that players are looking at the RNG with a watchful eye as they pour their time into the game before they need to open their wallets.

Blizzard has addressed the concerns of the community by making this announcement on the forums.  While not offering any clear solution or resolution, Game Director Jeff Kaplan had this to say about the concerns, “We’ve been following the threads about the loot box rewards as they pertain to the anniversary events, other events, and loot boxes in general.  The feedback and suggestions have been helpful to us.  We had a really great discussion yesterday about the feedback we’ve been hearing this week.  While I don’t have any immediate action items to report, I thought it was important for you to know we are listening.”

While that’s not great news for the Overwatch community at this point, it could be in the near future.  The event has already been going on for nearly a week, and has another two weeks ahead of it as it runs until June 12th.  Whether or not Blizzard will actually tweak the system to appease their fan base is anyone’s guess.  As it stands, Loot Boxes are the only downloadable content that is available for the game as everything else has been free.

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