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Overwatch Sales Are Beyond Expectations According To GameStop

by Dean James


Overwatch officially released earlier this week for PS4, Xbox One, and PC and players are finally getting to check out the full experience with a full player base. We had no doubt that the game would sell well with it coming from Blizzard and being so well received in the beta stages, but it is already exceeding expectations.

GameStop held their quarterly financial conference call yesterday and in that a number of topics were discussed about the retailer, but games of course came up as well, including the just released Overwatch.

As taken from the full transcript of the conference call through business financials site Seeking Alpha, GameStop COO Tony Bartel praised the success of Overwatch only days after release.

“Overwatch exceeded our expectations and it was a very strong launch for us.”

He also went on to speak of how he really liked Activision’s idea to release the game early on Monday in physical form, so that people who did not want to download digitally could still fire up the game right at midnight and enjoy when the servers went live.

Bartel believed this to be a very progressive idea and says that he thinks it could happen more with future games that are like this, which really would not be a huge surprise.

It will certainly be interesting to see just how well Overwatch performs, but if GameStop is any indication, the game could be in for some major sales numbers.

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