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Petey Piranha Flutters into Mario Tennis Aces December

...Should someone tell him that he needs to use a racket?

by Jacob Bukacek

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate won’t be the first Switch game featuring a piranha plant character this year. Mario Tennis Aces will actually beat it by a few days with the introduction of Petey Piranha as a playable character. All one has to do is participate in the December singles online tournament, and they too can wield the true power of the piranha plant. Power really is the name of the game when it comes to Petey too; he’s not the most clever character on the roster, but he makes up for it with nearly overwhelming strength.

Much like Chain Chomp, Petey is a hulking beast of a character. As long as one doesn’t allow themselves to get pulled out of position by their opponent, they should have no problem keeping the ball in play. Petey also appears to have a very solid offensive game too.  In the right hands, his basic shots should be enough to keep an opponent on the defensive and his power shot looks like it has the potential to destroy all but a perfectly blocked shot. In other words, this is one tough plant. Look at him, he doesn’t even need to use a racket! Hopefully that won’t come back to bite when facing other powerful characters like Bowser. It’s one thing to break a racket, but a leaf? Ouch.

Petey Piranha joins the Mario Tennis Aces roster starting on December 1 and will remain available through December 31. Players must play in the online singles  tournament at least once during that period in order to unlock him.

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