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Metal Gear Rising gets PlayStation 3 exclusive VR Missions

by William Schwartz


Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance is due out later this month. The duo of Platinum Games and Kojima Productions will be taking the Metal Gear franchise in a new direction with Rising, one that not only takes it to other platforms, but one that utilizes Platinum Games’ expertise in the action melee genre.

Old hands in the Metal Gear franchise will see big changes, but to comfort those PlayStation loyalists looking for that old Metal Gear feel, Rising on the PlayStation 3 will feature exclusive VR Missions via DLC. The Metal Gear Solid: VR missions pack will add 30 exclusive levels to the upcoming Metal Gear title.

Sony says that the exclusive content will feature a mix of combat training, tactical maneuvering, stealth-based tactics, and others.

Taking a look at the annoncement, Konami’s Dalton Link also made an interesting statement in the comments section of the announcement post. When asked by fans whether or not MG Portable Ops and Peacewalker would be coming to Sony’s PlayStation Vita, Link said “You may see MSF infiltrate the Vita in the near future. Stay tuned!”

Pricing and release schedule has not been revealed for this PlayStation 3 exclusive DLC for Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance.

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